AUBG Post-Tournament Press Release & Awards

За да прочетете прессъобщението на български, натиснете тук!

On 26-27 March, the BEST Foundation held its third annual US Qualifier Tournament in Blagoevgrad. Over 50 students gathered at the American University in Bulgaria for two days of intense competition in Duo Interpretation and Original Oratory. The first and second place winners of each event have received the opportunity to represent Bulgaria at the NSDA National Tournament in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA on 12-17 June, 2016.

In Original Oratory, the qualifiers are Alexandra Petkova (first place) and Veni Chiron (second place), both representing Peter Bogdan Foreign Language High School in Montana. In Duo Interpretation, the qualifying teams are Karolina Kostadinova and Nansi Dasheva (first place) and Marieta Milusheva and Mario Mateev (second place), both teams representing Lyudmil Stoyanov Foreign Language High School in Blagoevgrad.

These high school students represent the best of Bulgarian young people, and now they will represent Bulgaria at the largest and most prestigious English speech competition of its kind in the world. Follow their journey from Montana and Blagoevgrad to the United States on Facebook.

Our next and final tournament for the school year will be the National Tournament, held in Sofia on 22-24 April.

You can find a list of the participating teams as well as the tournament results below:

American College of Sofia
Bertolt Brecht Foreign Language High School – Pazardzhik
Ekzarh Yosif I Foreign Language High School – Lovech
Lyudmil Stoyanov Foreign Language High School – Blagoevgrad
Peter Bogdan Foreign Language High School – Montana
Nikola Vaptsarov Foreign Language High School – Shumen
Pleven Foreign Language School
Romain Rolland Foreign Language High School – Stara Zagora
Second English Language School – Sofia




  •       Simona Koleva – Ekzarh Yosif I FLHS, Lovech
  •       Alexander Venchev – Bertolt Brecht FLHS, Pazardzhik
  •       Ralitsa Belcheva – Nikola Vaptsarov FLHS, Shumen
  •       Elena Trayanova – Lyudmil Stoyanov FLHS, Blagoevgrad
  •       Snezhina Racheva – Romain Rolland FLHS, Stara Zagora
  •       Karolina Kostadinova – Lyudmil Stoyanov FLHS, Blagoevgrad


  1.  Alexandra Petkova – Peter Bogdan FLHS, Montana
  2.  Veni Chiron – Peter Bogdan FLHS, Montana
  3.  Viktor Stoilov – Lyudmil Stoyanov FLHS, Blagoevgrad
  4.  Iva Valcheva – American College of Sofia
  5.  Boyana Atanasova – American College of Sofia
  6.  Preslav Vachev – Ekzarh Yosif I FLHS, Lovech



  •       Alexander Venchev and Katerina Stoyanova – Bertolt Brecht FLHS, Pazardzhik
  •       Denitsa Petrova and Simona Stefanova – Ekzarh Yosif I FLHS, Lovech
  •       Sofia Naydenova and Nikolay Petrov – Peter Bogdan FLHS, Montana
  •       Ivan Vaskov and Valentina Goranova– Peter Bogdan FLHS, Montana
  •       Magdalena Tancheva and Neli Velichkova – Lyudmil Stoyanov FLHS, Blagoevgrad
  •       Alexandrina Andonova and Antonia Rusalieva – Lyudmil Stoyanov FLHS, Blagoevgrad


  1.  Karolina Kostadinova and Nansi Dasheva – Lyudmil Stoyanov FLHS, Blagoevgrad
  2.  Marieta Milusheva and Mario Mateev – Lyudmil Stoyanov FLHS, Blagoevgrad
  3.  Martin Cvetanov and Yoan Dimov – Romain Rolland FLHS, Stara Zagora
  4.  Veronika Glozheva and Nia Ivanova – Thomas Jefferson SELS, Sofia
  5.  Todor Chergarov and Todor Doychinov – Bertolt Brecht FLHS, Pazardzhik
  6.  Dayana Stoynova and Magdalena Metodieva – Romain Rolland FLHS, Stara Zagora