Student Ambassadors

2017-2018 Student Ambassadors:

Antoniya Rusalieva – Student Ambassador from
Akad. Lyudmil Stoyanov FLHS, Blagoevgrad

Antoniya Rusalieva, originally from Dupnitsa, studies in EG “Akademik Lyudmil Stoyanov”, Blagoevgrad. She is 16 years old and has spent a big part of her life reading books and being on stage due to some minimal singing and acting skills. She is a bright and extroverted girl, does good at school, loves competing and adores going to tournaments. Her favourite category is Duo Interpretation because she does it with her amazing best friend. Her passion are the books and she also admires fashion. Sometimes she does yoga. She is a strong feminist and loves acting and making new friends from all over the country (and the world if you’d like). She knows English pretty well and is studying Spanish now, but also willing to learn French. Reading is an irreplaceable part of her life, because when she reads it feels like she’s transferred to other worlds, touched by different cultures, times and unknown characters with complex personalities. It makes her believe that the good will always be able to beat the evil and the more a person reads, the better he becomes in all possible spheres. Her favourite books are Harry Potter (the whole collection) and Pride and Prejudice. She says that the feeling when you need to cut off with the world and find peace in the pages of your favourite book, is amazing and she wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world. Her biggest dream since she was 5 years old was to visit Paris but she realized it back in April, 2017. Her new goals now are to succeed in everything which is important for a girl of her age – school, extracurricular activities (BEST mainly), relationships with family and friends, love, life even. She dreams of studying abroad, maybe in England, Ireland or Scotland and is ready to make great things happen. All in all, for her the most important thing is to be happy, everything else will happen itself.

Tanya Serdarova – Student Ambassador from
Akad. Lyudmil Stoyanov FLHS, Blagoevgrad

Tanya was born in Blagoevgrad and is currently studying at Akad. L. Stoyanov FLHS. She’s been a competitor since 2016 and it has helped her step out of her comfort zone and be more confident. In her opinion, BEST is is doing a great job at helping young people learn how to express themselves in a creative way and to embrace their uniqueness while it also teaches them how to work with people and be more ambitious and responsible. In her free time Tanya likes to watch TV shows, read, spend time with her friends and watch cat videos.


Leya Koleva – Student Ambassador from Sv. Sv. Kiril i Metodiy Secondary School, Burgas

Leya Koleva is from Burgas, Bulgaria. She is 17 years old. When she was little her family moved to Italy for seven years. She has a twin sister, who is also part of the BEST community. She is very into traveling, reading, dancing and working out.






Nelina Hristova – Student Ambassador from Sv. Sv. Kiril i Metodiy Secondary School, Burgas

Nelina Hristova was born in Burgas, Bulgaria and is still living there. She is 16 years old . She likes playing video games,  reading books and having fun with her family and friends. Her BEST experience started during the last school year. Before that she didn’t know anything about it, but she found that it was wonderful to be part of the community and also now, because of BEST, she’s not afraid to speak in English.



Martin Simeonov – Student Ambassador from Dr. Ivan Bogorov FLHS, Dimitrovgrad

Martin Simeonov is this year’s Student Ambassador from Team Dimitrovgrad. The 10th of December 2017 was his first competition in Shumen, he really loved the competition after meeting a lot of kind and amazing people. Rachel O’Hanlon was the ETA that encouraged him to do BEST. He started with Prose. His first two competitions he did Prose interpretation and then he just realized how much he loves Poetry, so he wanted to try Poetry for the National Competition and he did not make a mistake. He loves playing basketball ever since he was a little boy. He also loves photography–this is the thing he does nearly every day of the last year. It is really extraordinary when you make a shot, the perfect shot for you, the perfect shot for someone else, it is how you see the world, how you see the people. Putting the lens, taking the shot, repeating this over and over again. This year he is going to compete with Prose, Poetry and Duo Interpretation. He knows it is going to be a tremendous BEST year.

Momchil Dimitrov – Student Ambassador from Geo Milev FLHS, Dobrich

From a really young age Momchil Dimitrov had a passion for dancing and music. At the age of 4 he started dancing and a year later he started playing the piano. He participated in a variety of dancing competitions. In general he spent his life traveling to different places and he was lucky that his school in Sofia had an ETA, from whom he found out about BEST. There he could express himself through poetry and also met people who inspired him and shared similar interests. This was the first time in a while that he felt in the right place. Now he lives in Dobrich,  where he is getting ready for the next tournaments.



Polina Yoveva – Student Ambassador from Geo Milev FLHS, Dobrich

Polly is an 11th grader. She has been to 8 BEST tournaments, But although hardly anyone would describe her as social, she actually enjoys being around people(now and then); of course she also likes speech as a way of expression. Polly has so far done Oratory, Prose and Debate, but hopes to be able to try out all of BEST disciplines by the time she is no longer allowed to take part. In her free time Polly likes reading books as well as writing her own. Drawing, listening  to music, researching various topics, and contemplating existence and reality are other things she tends to do. A guilty pleasure of hers is pretending that she can sing. Polly dreams of becoming more organized as her chaotic way of life really pulls her back. Don’t worry, though – she takes her responsibilities as an SA seriously enough (for the second time already).

Dian Marinov – Student Ambassador from Aprilov National High School, Gabrovo

Who is Dian? He is a chill person who loves animals and food. However, that is not all that he actually does. He is stereotypical student from the National Aprilov High School. No, this does not mean he dislikes it. In fact, he values his studying and the people, who he keeps in contact with. He is that kind of person, who would do anything for his friends, relatives and etc. Dian is a person who is a video game lover. While being raised by his parents, his brother played a game called “World of Warcraft.” This transferred a passion into him and Dian turned into a “WoW” player for about 10 years.  That is not all he does, though. He loves animals. He loves dogs, penguins, pandas and for some strange reason he loves llamas. He was born in the small town called Gabrovo. He dislikes talking about himself in any way, shape or form, because he finds that too egotistical for him. However, if he needs to do so, he often says that he is sort of a bond between people. Since he is not that social he has a small amount of friends he is not that popular guy at school. However, he tends to get along well with the people he meets. Finally, his future plans are unknown even for him. He just fancies too many things and has little to no clue about what he is doing with his life.

Iliyan Hristov – Student Ambassador from Aprilov National High School, Gabrovo

Iliyan was born and is currently living in Gabrovo (a town right in the center of Bulgaria). He is a 10th grader. Nothing spectacular happened to him before he joined Aprilov National high school. Thanks to this school he had the opportunity to join the BEST community which he did in Autumn of 2015. He’s been a guitarist for 3 years. Last year he joined an acting crew and made a huge success with it. Apart from being awesome, he is a very friendly person and very good at problem solving. If his friend ever has a problem he always shows sympathy. In his opinion he is a man of risk. He often “dives in the deep” and starts activities he has never thought of doing. In his free time he enjoys playing with his two absolutely adorable cats (the most adorable cats on this planet to be accurate), hiking (he has visited every large mountain in Bulgaria at least twice – proof on Instagram), reading, going to the gym, traveling (because who doesn’t?!) and of course hanging out with friends. He is a very positive person. Get to know him! You won’t be sorry, he promises you!

Christina Tamahkyarova – Student Ambassador from Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov FLHS, Haskovo

Christina is 15 years old and this will be her 3rd year in high school and 2nd year as BEST participant. Last year she competed in Poetry and Prose. This year she thinks she might try Duo and Oratory. She loves french fries as much as she loves photography. After she graduates her dream is to study Forensic Psychology in Melbourne, Australia. It’s good to dream. She loves swimming, playing video games, traveling to different places and extreme adventures. Though she might seems like a rebel she loves animals (such as cats), reading good books and watching hilarious comedies.



Mikaela Dundalova – Student Ambassador from Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov FLHS, Haskovo

Mikey is studying in FLHS “Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov Haskovo. She is currently 17 years old and her very first time in BEST was in 2015 and she loved it. She usually participates with prose but last time she went for poetry too. Other big hobbies of hers are playing volleyball and taking acting classes. She would describe herself as ambitious, encouraging and a very very energetic person. For her being an ambassador is something she accepts with all her heart and she hopes that she’ll be able to spread positivism, motivation, ambition, and encourage everyone from the team for many successful performances and unforgettable memories.

Mihaela Shtregarska – Student Ambassador from Ekzarh Yosif I FLHS, Lovech

Mihaela was born (and raised) in Lovech. She is the Student Ambassador from Ekzarh Yosif I FLHS in Lovech. She describes herself as a energetic, funny and ambitious person, she sometimes tries to be better organized. For three years she spends her summer vacations in Sofia, helping her family with their business. She loves reading books, going out with friends, traveling, listening to music and writing poems and stories, when she has free time. BEST is a way to express yourself and what you think, about a define topic. To show emotions and to embellish with gestures improves the whole experience of each performance. We play roles and we impersonate the character feels and acts in many scripts. Oratory and Debate events require a lot of logical arguments, coordinated by one person or the whole Debate team. She wants to become more confident in everything she does and to be a good team Leader later on.

Simona Koleva – Student Ambassador from Ekzarh Yosif I FLHS, Lovech

Simona Koleva is from Lovech and studies at “Ekzarch Jossif I”. She was first introduced to BFL in 2014 and has been a proud BESTie ever since. Oratory, Duo, part-time translator for a Fulbrighter- name it she’s done it. She realized she wanted to study Politics the moment she started doing debates. Her passions include traveling, reading, drawing and many more. BEST for her is not only some speech and debates tournaments with trophies and medals, but also a community, in which everyone can find live-long friendships and become a part of something new and interesting.



Nikolay Gaidarov – Student Ambassador from Petar Bogdan FLHS, Montana

Nikolay Gaidarov was born in Belogradchik on 11th of March 2000. It’s a beautiful small town, famous for it’s rocks. He goes to school in Montana and has lived on his own since 2014, when he was an 8th grader. Living on his own taught him how to deal with things from the “adult life.” He is an only child with big dreams and a desire to achieve big goals in life! He joined BEST when I was in 9th grade, but it was hard for him to get in the team because he had missed the deadline for joining. But then his ETA – Reid Furubayashi saw that he was ambitious and signed him in. His first event was Original Oratory; he finished his first year with a great success, and continued the next tournament season with trying a new event – Duo Interpretation with a great partner by his side! It felt right to be there, in this community of BEST-ies gathering together to compete and have fun, make new friends, see new things.

Valentina Goranova – Student Ambassador from Petar Bogdan FLHS, Montana

Valentina Goranova is most often referred to as Aya or Mama. She is 17 and about to be 11th grade this year. She is from FLHS Petar Bigdan,  Montana and she studies English and Russian.  She has been a part of BEST for three years now and she loves every bit of it. She’s met so many wonderful people, learned so many lessons and discovered her emotions, confidence, gratitude and passion. For her it’s not about winning, but growth and self-improvement. She likes Sci-fi books, music regardless the genre and drawing and she’s thrilled to be a part of BEST this year.



Ivan Dyankov – Student Ambassador from Bertolt Brecht FLHS, Pazardzhik

Ivan Dyankov, hailing from Pazardzhik, 18, is currently a student at FLHS “Bertolt Brecht” Pazardzhik. He has a passion for engineering, but can’t help the fact that he loves English and English culture as a whole. Although he is studying German more, he is delighted to be a part of BEST. After taking second place at the Bulgarian National Spelling Bee 2013 Ivan has been looking for an English competition of this caliber and gladly found BEST. Ivan is also a member of the BRCY and Youth Policy Pazardzhik and loves helping people. He is looking forward to make the BEST team in his school even more popular!

JulienJulien Tashev – Student Ambassador from Energetics and Electrotechnics HS, Galabovo

Julien is a sixteen years old. He is from Galabovo and he is a student from the “Professional High School of Energy and Electrical Engineering.” In his free time, he enjoys playing computer games and practicing football!



Kameliya Nikolova – Student Ambassador from Bertolt Brecht FLHS, Pazardzhik

Kameliya Nikolova was born and raised in Pazardzhik. She first heard about the English Speech and Debate club in “Bertolt Brecht” from her friend and former SA of Pazardzhik Ekaterina Pavlova in 2013 and later in 2014 when she was accepted in high school she became part of the BEST tournaments as a duo performer. She finds BEST fascinating for not one or two things: that’s where she was introduced for the first time to the art of acting, public speaking and debating. She also likes the atmosphere at tournaments and that feeling that all the participants are friends with each other and share some sort of connection. When in the company of “BESTers” she feels like people her age are after all reliable and willing to change their future unlike many others she knows.  When she’s not busy with all her extracurricular activities one being part of “Council on Youth Policy” she enjoys watching series, listening to music and even singing as well as reading articles and learning different languages. She also works out.

Tsvetelina Vaseva – Student Ambassador from Simeon Radev FLHS, Pernik

Tsvetelina is a senior in FLHS Simeon Radev in Pernik. This is her third year as a participant and second year as an SA. At first she was quite insecure about doing oratory but once she decided to step out of her comfort zone and try doing this event, it became her absolute favorite one. Her future plans include studying journalism and mass communications and mastering Spanish as she wants to settle in Spain after college graduation. She is passionate about writing, books, theater, voluntary service, extracurricular activities and as you may have already guessed, Spanish language and culture. She strongly believes that there is no better way to acquire knowledge and discover yourself than traveling. The most precious lesson she has learned from BEST is to never stop pushing her limits and always being able to find her courage and take action as soon as she feels something is “impossible”.

Valentina Georgieva – Student Ambassador from Simeon Radev FLHS, Pernik

Valentina Georgieva is 17 and she is from Pernik. She is studying English and German at school. In her free time she attends programming courses in the Software University (SoftUni) in Sofia. She is also working for a BTL company in Sofia – “She Promotions.” She has taken part in BEST for 3 years. She has done prose and poetry interpretation and original oratory. She wants to do debate in order to show that she is ALWAYS RIGHT!!!




Desislava Kostova – Student Ambassador from Nikola Y. Vaptsarov Secondary School, Petrich

Desislava was born in Petrich. She is 17 years old and will be in 12th grade. For now, she wants to study Computer science. Her main goal in life is to travel as much as possible because this is what makes her the happiest. Another thing she loves doing is taking photos. She loves to capture the moment and this is why her phone camera is always on wherever she is.


Miglena Uchitelska – Student Ambassador from Nikola Y. Vaptsarov Secondary School, Petrich

Miglena is from team Petrich. She is 18 years old. This will be her last year in school. A hobby of hers is reading. She also likes to travel, but she was very busy this summer and didn’t have the chance.






Nadia Traykova – Student Ambassador from Peyo Yavorov High School, Petrich

Nadia is a senior at “Peyo Yavorov” HS. She defines herself as an ambitious, creative and communicative person with whom it is easy to talk about everything.  Her experience started in 2016 when a speech and debate coach arrived in her town to found a speech and debate club. What she loves most about BEST are the people who make the tournaments unforgettable. ” BEST was a turning point in her life and her whole personal development started from there. She also owes a lot to her wonderful coach Violeta Dimitrova – it wouldn’t have been the same without her! Apart from BEST, she loves playing the piano, learning new skills, working for an international organization and being in the spotlight.

Yoan Hristov – Student Ambassador from Peyo Yavorov High School, Petrich

Yoan Hristov was born in Sofia on 22.05.2000 but was raised and is still living the city of Petrich. Being the extraordinary person he is he is known for many things but most notably his humour and charisma. In his free time he is doing charity projects and tries to enhance his leadership abilities. His most recent achievement is becoming president of Interact charity club Petrich starting from October 2016 till March 2017 when he left the organisation. Currently he is working as a sales agent in a traveling agency and plans to continue doing it after graduating. Yoan has always taken problems lightly and prefers to live his life without much worries.


Anna Filipova – Student Ambassador from Foreign Language High School, Pleven

Ana, or as she likes to be called Annie, is born in Pleven and attends the Foreign Language High School there. She loves reading, and that inspired her to take up creative writing as a hobby. That she is good at—unlike singing, which, unfortunately, she does a lot. Annie watches too many action movies and maybe that’s the reason why she wants to become a CI (she’ll think about all the working out she’d have to do some other day). Other than that, Annie loves meeting new people, having new experiences, and visiting new places. In her opinion communication and connections are the most important things.



Siyana Tsvetkova – Student Ambassador from Foreign Language High School, Pleven

Siyana is 16 years old, soon to be 17. She was born in Pleven and till this day lives there. Siyana loves sports, going out with friends and learning interesting facts about different things. Her plans for the future includes studying law somewhere in the world and also getting more exercise than she does now.






Miladin Peev – Student Ambassador from Aleko Konstantinov FLHS, Pravets

Miladin was born on 19th February 2000 in Lukovit, Bulgaria. He studied in his hometown for 7 years and then started studying in Foreign Language High School “Aleko Konstantinov” in Pravets. He began participating in BEST in 2014 and has been to 9 tournaments since then. His favorite events in the competition are duo, prose and poetry. He enjoys spending time with his friends, playing video games, meeting new people and listening to music.




Reneta Yakimova – Student Ambassador from Aleko Konstantinov FLHS, Pravets

Reni lives in Pravets. She is 16 years old and this is her 4th year in High School. Reni has been participating in BEST since 8th grade. She has competed with Duo, Prose, Poetry and Oratory, which is her favorite event. A new experience about Reni is being a student ambassador. Reni describes herself as a loyal, kind, responsible and friendly person. In her free time, she enjoys reading, riding a bike and watching movies. Her favorite movie is “Marley and Me”. She also likes swimming and traveling. BEST tournaments are important for Reni because they have helped her become more confident and learn how to express herself in a better way.


Anita Ivanova – Student Ambassador from Geo Milev ELHS, Ruse

Anita Ivanova is 16 years old and was born in Ruse,  Bulgaria and she still lives here. She was first involved in BEST when she participated in the BEST tournaments with debates in 2015-2016. She studies in Geo Milev ELS Ruse and has the opportunity to be a student ambassador for 2017-2018. Thanks to BEST, she developed her English skills and participated in BEST tournaments was another step towards speaking English fluently. She has made a lot of new friends, too. Thanks to debating and all of the research she has better knowledge for the most of the chosen topics. Being part of BEST would help her to be the best and to achieve her goals in the future.



Niya Ivanova – Student Ambassador from Geo Milev ELHS, Ruse

Niya Ivanova studies in the “Geo Milev” English High school in Rousse. She is 16 years old and speaks English, German and a little bit of Russian. She has been doing debates during the past school year and is considering trying oratory as well. Her hobbies are tennis, jogging and going out with her friends, but her favorite things to do are eating and traveling.




Christina Petrova – Student Ambassador from Sv. Konstantin-Kiril Filosof ELS, Ruse

Christina has been living in Ruse for about three years. She moved there to study French with English as her secondary language and she thinks it might be one of the best decisions she’s ever made. Coincidentally, her first BEST experience was also in Ruse. Christina (or Chrissy, or Chrissa, or any other nickname you can think of) has a lot of goals, but her main goal is to be more compassionate, positive and thoughtful, as she believes kindness is what the world needs. She’s excited to be a Student Ambassador this year and help the BEST foundation in any way she can. In her free time, Christina likes to write and read poetry, listen to music, and of course overthink the meaning of life and whether or not pigeons have feelings.



Daniela Hvarchilkova – Student Ambassador from Sv. Konstantin-Kiril Filosof ELS, Ruse

Daniela is 17 years old and lives in Ruse. She joined BEST two years ago. So far she has done duo and poetry. Now she intends to try original oratory because she thinks it is a bit of a challenge, and challenges are what she seeks. She loves BEST because it gives opportunities to develop your communicative skills, practice your English and get experience in the field of performing in front of an audience. Meeting new people and forming new friendships is another great thing about BEST. Last year her coach Bria Trosclair did a great job in encouraging her, inspiring her and helping her grow more confidence. That’s what keeps her motivated now. In her free time Daniela enjoys listening to music and reading. Her main hobby is dancing and she’s also keen on snowboarding, wakeboarding and skiing. She loves developing new skills as well as going on adventures. One of her biggest dreams is to travel the whole world, to get to know different cultures and to experience life through different points of view because she thinks this can teach you more than anything else.

Boris Dechev – Student Ambassador from Nancho Popovich MSHS, Shumen

Boris Dechev was born in the time-frozen town of Shumen where nothing ever happens and has been living there for 18 years now. As a child, Boris grew up to have quite the imagination and soon enough came to use it in his short stories, poetry and so on that he writes and sends to competitions. He loves every type of art, especially cinema and literature and his favorite hobbies include traveling (eternal love for nature and the outdoors) and watching movies, most often with his best friend. He also runs a blog with the aforementioned best friend about book and film reviews. And because he’s born under the sign of Leo, he’s known to be quite positive, outgoing, bright and many more awesome adjectives, and he really loves theatrical stuff, because he can be quite the drama queen sometimes. Boris is a people’s person and absolutely enjoys working with and being among lots of people. His first BEST experience started during the Shumen East Tournament and he immediately got hooked on the awesome atmosphere, the community, the tournament as a whole and here he is now, enthusiastic to help the community grow. Oh, and he also loves pizza and pancakes.

Maya Milanova – Student Ambassador from Atanas Burov Economics HS, Silistra

Maya Milanova is from Silistra and she is 15 years old and in 9th grade. She studies as a student in Atanas Burov Economics HS.







Velislava Georgieva – Student Ambassador from Atanas Burov Economics HS, Silistra

This is Velislava’s second year as a student ambassador and she’s really excited about it! She’s still 15 years old and currently living with her grandparents in the small quiet Silistra. She’s a proud Saggitarius! She studies Economic Informatics at Atanas Burov High School of Economics. She has a 7 year old cat named Stoyka. Her hobbies are drawing, crafting, sculpting and playing the guitar. She listens to a lot of bands and some kpop groups. Her favourite TV shows are Breaking Bad (as you can tell from her book and shirt), American Horror Story and Game of Thrones. She watches anime from time to time. She is shy at first but when she gets comfortable with you she can be pretty crazy. She joined BEST and the end of 2015.  She has participated in poetry and prose. BEST helped her gain confidence, it made her more expressive and she met a lot of amazing talented people. She is so happy to be part of this huge family.

Mihaela Timofeeva – Student Ambassador from Peyo Yavorov FLHS, Silistra

Mihaela is a fourth-year BEST competitor and an SA for a second year. She is eleventh grade in Peyo Yavorov FLS in Silistra. Loves doing Poetry among all disciplines, as she is an aspiring poet. There’s nothing in school Miha (as everyone calls her) loves more than BEST; always hyped up about all the tournaments! Apart from writing and consuming literature, her other interests include astrology, theater, blogging, binge-watching TV shows, languages, and photography. Miha’s biggest dream is to be a translator, and who knows – maybe a published author one day?




Svilen Georgiev – Student Ambassador from Peyo Yavorov FLHS, Silistra

Siso is from Silistra. He got involved in BEST through friends, and he went to Burgas and Varna last year. His team is getting big, and he loves it! He’s really honest and cheerful and energetic so he’s good for his teammates. Everybody who attended BEST Burgas knows him as the creepy baby guy!





Denitsa Balcheva – Student Ambassador from Zahariy Stoyanov WHS, Sliven

Denitsa Balcheva is 15 years old (16 soon) from Sliven, Bulgaria. She is a student from FLHS Zaharii Stoyanov, in one of the German classes. Big mistake. She’s already taken the FCE Cambridge exam and looking forward to CAE. There are countless words that can describe her: cat lady, k-poper, fabulous… In her free time she watches Korean TV series and argues with herself, just to keep it interesting.




Ilin Papazyan – Student Ambassador from Zahariy Stoyanov WHS, Sliven

Ilin was born in Sliven, Bulgaria and has been living there ever since. His BEST experience started in 2016 when he got to have classes with Boris Busov. Until then he had only heard tales of how awesome BEST was… So, once he got the opportunity to try he didn’t hesitate for a moment. What he likes most about BEST is that “it is a great way of meeting all sorts of talented people with whom you can freely share the joy of speaking English for the tournament…and beyond.” Apart from BEST he loves playing the guitar and singing and dreams of pursuing a career in music.

Anna Dimitrova – Student Ambassador from Ivan Vazov FLHS, Smolyan

Anna was born and raised in Smolyan. This is her 4th year in High School, 3rd year as a BEST participant and her second year as a SA. Anna competed with Oratory last year since it is her favorite discipline. She loves dancing, jigsaw puzzles and studying foreign languages. She used to be a rhythmic gymnast. When she grows up, she wants to be a psychotherapist. Her dream is to study in Denmark or Austria after she graduates from high school. Anna draws her passion and inspiration from her Tumblr blog. She has also devoted a huge part of herself to the Red Cross. Anna is a very cheerful and social person who likes tackling challenges and working in a team. Her soul could be described with three words: music, art and traveling.


Angelo Madzharski – Student Ambassador from Akad. Mihail Arnaudov 119th School, Sofia

The kind of “Angelo” was created in the year of 2002 in the city of Sofia. The specimen codenamed “Madjarsky” is currently in 10th grade studying Liberal Arts at Akad. Mihail Arnaudov 119th School. It’s hobbies include but are not limited to fencing, horse riding and bungee jumping, however this particular specimen also seems to enjoy reading, music, watching movies (might have a serious addiction) and playing video games. The creature seems to have grown fond of the human qualities “loyalty”,”understanding” and “selflessness” (further investigation required on all three). In the years 2016 and 2017 the particular specimen joined a certain group of upbeat humans named the “BEST Foundation”. Said foundation claims t- (data expunged). Madjarsky’s interests within the group are rather unusual for his kind. He has taken a liking to performing prose interpretation and duo prose for which he’s partnered with Ale- (data expunged) -he’s also looking into debates. Specimen’s plans for the future: unknown.

Monica Russeva – Student Ambassador from Akad. Mihail Arnaudov 119th School, Sofia

Monika Ruseva is a first year Student Ambassador from Sofia. She is currently a 11th grader in Akad. Mihail Arnaudov 119th. This is her third year of participating in BEST, she’s done prose, but this year she intends to try duo or debates or maybe both. The reason why she loves BEST is because everyone is free to express themselves without the fear of being judged. Her hobbies include skiing, horse riding and traveling. She enjoys reading books, playing video games, spending time with her family and friends and watching movies/TV series. Monika describes herself as an open-minded, positive and ambitious person.

Kristiana Hristova – Student Ambassador from Elisaveta Bagryana 51st School, Sofia

Kristiana Hristova is from Sofia and she will be the new 51st HS student ambassador. She is in 11th grade. Ever since she was little she loved to self-express herself  . Last year was her first year in BEST. She discovered an amazing community of young people who shared the same interests. She has lots of interests. Some of them are boxing, volleyball, photography and art . This past year she did Duo, Prose and Poetry interpretation. For next year she is planning on trying Original Oratory also.




Doroteya Piralkova – Student Ambassador from Elisaveta Bagryana 51st School, Sofia

Teya was born in Sofia. She is a fifteen years old girl with brown curly hair and brown eyes. She is studying in Art school ’cause arts are her passion. She loves drawing, acting and reading. Her favourite sports are windsurfing, skiing. But she can’t practice them because in her home town there aren’t any seas or mountains with real (or fake) snow. She loves having new experiences. For the past years her favorite hobby is going out of her comfort zone. She loves food and hates it at the same time. She can’t cook but is really interested in cooking. She has been kind of a vegetarian for a year but she still eats fish because it’s unhealthy not eating meat when u are so young. Her favourite author is Georgi Gospodinov.  She wants to know how to play instruments but she can’t at all. She can’t sing too. She has a really strange taste in clothes. Sometimes she wants to be a hippy, the next an emo, then she wants to look classy. She can be a really big mess. She really loves BEST because it’s one more way to express herself.

Joana Valova – Student Ambassador from American College of Sofia, Sofia

Joana Valova was born in Sofia, but spent the first five years of her life surrounded by goats, hens and other scary wild animals in the rural town Dobrinishte. Maybe this is why one of her favorite movies is Tarzan. Joana is the President of the Debate club at the American College of Sofia. She believes that debating is an intellectual challenge that no person who wants to increase their knowledge base and get a better understanding of opposing views can resist. She’s obviously an ENTP. She appreciates that BEST tournaments not only provide strong competition, but they also bring together a community of bright and talented young people who can help each other and motivate each other to improve. Besides debating, Joana loves her bike, Manchester United, chemistry, and Lili Ivanova.

Kristiya Navushtanova – Student Ambassador from American College of Sofia, Sofia

Kristiya Navushtanova is an 11th grader from the American College of Sofia and a student ambassador. She has been taking part in BEST competitions for 3 years now, and has been most active in the field of debate, even though she has also taken part in the prose and duo events. Apart from debate, she also enjoys writing and fencing. She hopes that the American College can continue to take part in BEST competitions this following year and that more young people can also find the joy she finds in debating in what they pursue.

Alexandra Markova – Student Ambassador from Thomas Jefferson SELS, Sofia

Alexandra Markova was born in Sofia and is in 10th grade in Second English Language School “Thomas Jefferson.” She sings, dances and loves acting. She has started learning how to play the violin in March and despite her tremendous patience she cannot wait to be able to play different pieces. Adi started her BEST “career” in eighth grade with a duo interpretation with the boy who introduced her to BEST and without any clue what’s going on or what the foundation was about. After her first tournament, she was completely captivated by the idea of being able to act without having to be an actor. In ninth grade she changed the duo partner and participated also with prose interpretation. She looks forward to trying the oratory and poetry categories. This is her third year in the BEST community and she says that the opportunity it gives her to interact with so many different people is irreplaceable.

Eva Ivanova – Student Ambassador from Thomas Jefferson SELS, Sofia

Eva Ivanova is from Sofia, Bulgaria. She studies in an English school. She loves traveling, spending time with family and friends, exploring new things and also dancing. Her hobbies include eating, talking with friends, going out with friends, watching movies, hip hop dancing and preparing for BEST tournaments, for which she thinks that they are great and are a good way to expand your horizons and meet a lot of new and interesting people. Eva really likes to take photos. She thinks they are a fantastic way to keep moments last forever.




Elizabeth Polyakova – Student Ambassador from Zlatarski International High School, Sofia

Elizabeth is currently a tenth-grader of Zlatarski International School in Sofia. She was introduced into the sphere of public speaking and debates at the beginning of ninth grade by her coach Mr. Yordan Demirov. Out of all speech events, her favourite ones are Debates and Duo Interpretation. Liza was born and raised in the most southern city of Ukraine – Odessa but at the age of 12, her family moved to live in Bulgaria. She faced difficulties finding friends, but as soon as she joined the debate team, she met people that soon became her second family. Elizabeth always has millions of crazy ideas in her head that she wants to incarnate into reality. Coffee and pizza stimulate her creativity and all the friends know that these two can make her entire day. The member of Liza’s dream-team and best friend said about her: “One of her best qualities is her persistence. Through her hard work, she has managed to inspire our debate team to keep on fighting no matter how daunting the obstacles may become”

Erica Velev – Student Ambassador from Zlatarski International High School, Sofia

The sports lover Erica Velev was born in Montreal, Canada. At the age of five she moved to Bulgaria. She studied in the French school Victor Hugo in Sofia until 8th grade when she finally got the opportunity to study in English at Zlatarski International IB school. She entered the Zlatarski’s debate team in 9th grade which was presented to her by her History and debate teacher Mr. Demirov. She had always loved to argue and prove that she was right which is something she can do with debates without driving her friends or family members crazy.


Veselina Gergishanova – Student Ambassador from Zlatarski International High School, Sofia

Veselina Gergishanova (or as people call her, Vesi) is 15 years old. She is a student in Zlatarski International IB school where last year her coach introduced her to the amazing BEST foundation. So far she has only taken part in debate and prose interpretation, I however she hopes to take part in more events next year. She loves traveling, reading and going on adventures. In itself her experience in BEST has been one big adventure- she got to try new things, meet amazing people and had a great time.




Elina Dimova – Student Ambassador from Romain Rolland FLHS, Stara Zagora

Elina Dimova, currently in 10th grade at Romain Rolland Foreign Language High School, is 16 years old and this is her second year participating in BEST. Last year she took part in Duo Interpretation and this year she is intending to try Original Oratory as well. In her free time, Elina likes drawing, listening to music, swimming but what she really loves doing is rehearsing her duo with her duo partner – Gabi. She is a people person. She really enjoys meeting and working with a lot of different people, and that’s one of the reasons why she loves BEST so much!’



Gabriela Postalova – Student Ambassador from Romain Rolland FLHS, Stara Zagora

Gabriela, currently in 10th grade at Romain Rolland Foreign Language School in Stara Zagora, is 16 years old. This is her second year in BEST and first year as a Student Ambassador. Last year she participated with Duo with her best friend Elina but this year she’d like to try Prose or Debates if she finds a team. Gabriela identifies herself as a talkative person with whom you can talk on different topics from favourite films and books to conspiracy theories etc.  She’s enthusiastic about taking up new challenges in life and  BEST was one of them. She didn’t even expect that every single tournament would become one of the best things in her life. Gabriela likes reading books, watching TV series, playing with her cat (Niki) and rehearsing her duo with Elina.


Bozhidar Klouchek – Student Ambassador from Dr. Petar Beron MHS, Varna

Bozhidar Klouchek was born and raised in Varna – the awesome sea capital of Bulgaria! He was first introduced to BEST in 2016 when he participated in his very first tournament in Shumen where he met so many wonderful people, that he just had to get involved in it! He has always had a passion for English and even though he is a bit shy, BEST has really helped him not only with his English speaking skills, but also with his crippling awkwardness. His hobbies include gaming, binge-watching TV shows, memes and crafting various things like costumes. He is a good organizer and a multi-tasker, trying his best to stay calm under pressure. Also his favorite animal is a penguin.



Katerina Petkova – Student Ambassador from Dr. Petar Beron MHS, Varna

Kat is an 18 year old Slytherin from Varna with strong intuition and  weird obsession with words and quotes. She’s proud of her collection of languages. Favourite target for her procrastination tendencies is sleep. Her heart harbours a passion for reading, traveling, drawing and over thinking. So far Kat has participated in poetry, prose and oratory. She has been in her school’s BEST team from the day it was created in 2016. Fascinated with the magical journey of the BEST family, she was set on becoming a part of it, strengthening her team and building long-lasting relationship between BEST and her school.



Tanya Stankova – Student Ambassador from First Language School, Varna

Tanya was born and raised in the charming sea capital of Bulgaria – Varna. She is currently a third – year student in First Language School there and studies English and German as a second language (and she has always liked English much more). This is her first year as a part of the BEST team and she hopes to be very productive and work with cool and positive people. Drawing and every kind of exercise is her safety valve in her quickly and busy school life. She loves reading and maybe that’s the reason why she has such colourful imagination. Loneliness is one of her fears, that’s why she loves meeting new people and exploring different cultures and lifestyles . Tanya searches for interesting ways to widen her world view, learn to work in team and thus learn more about people’s characters and of course to have fun with young and interesting people and hopes that BEST will give her this.

Martin Karastoyanov – Student Ambassador from First Language School, Varna

Martin was born and raised in Varna, Bulgaria. He is currently a student at the First Language School with primary language English and secondary language German. Since very early childhood Martin expressed his very open-minded and communicative personality. His desire to help people and facilitate school projects drove him to the decision to participate in a Prevention school club. Moreover, he took part in the Erasmus+ project, where he found new friends and undergo a lot of novel experiences. Thus, currently he is extremely excited to be part of BEST, because it will intensify his interests- to make new connections, friends and experience interesting and extraordinary moments and events.

Ginka Kostadinova – Student Ambassador from Yoan Ekzarh FLHS, Varna

Ginka Kostadinova was born on 17th February in the year 2001. On that day a great snowy storm took place which may have affected her life giving her the wild temper and liberal soul. Ginka is now 16 and has many interesting things behind her despite her short life – for instance she has been a volunteer for many events meant for improving the culture and youth life in her hometown Varna. However, her off school work is not the only thing she’s working on. The main occupation she has is exactly the Debating team in which she puts her heart so that the team could reach the first place one day.



Valeria Germanova – Student Ambassador from Yoan Ekzarh FLHS, Varna

Valeria Germanova was born in the beautiful Varna 15 years ago. She has been an amateur tennis player for 7 years, which taught her to be consistent, not to give up and to always stay in good shape. Being a Friends of Europe club member and a recently elected Interact club president, she’s been developing her communication and tolerance skills. By and large, foreign languages is her field – she studies English and French at school and does pretty good. She’s quite adaptable (and flexible), since she’s been an exchange student in France for a week as well a host of a French exchange student a few years ago via the Transfrontalière program. Valeria has learned to work hard, be diligent and organized and thus has achieved 1 st places at the PTE Language Competition and National Olympiad in English. She got involved in BEST in the 9 th grade (late 2016) and has attended 3 tournaments so far – 2 regionals and 1 national. They all made her fall in love with the exceptional experience BEST is.

Boryana Bogdanova – Student Ambassador from Tsar Simeon Veliki Secondary School, Vidin

Boryana Bogdanova is from Vidin and is 17 years old. She studies in Tsar Simeon Veliki Secondary School. She’s especially interested in painting, but she is also an avid reader and a voracious traveler. Boryana acknowledges the world’s problems and wants to be involved in their solution. That’s why she is a BEST member- public speaking and performing are her two passions and BEST combines them perfectly.



Vladimir Slavchev – Student Ambassador from Tsar Simeon Veliki Secondary School, Vidin

Vladimir Slavchev is from Vidin and is 17 years old. His school is Tsar Simeon Veliki High School. He likes listening to music, going out with his friends and he absolutely adores reading and exploring new places. His aim is to improve his English and leadership skills.That’s why he joined BEST- there is no better place where a young person can learn how to socialise with other students and at the same time vastly improving his/her English whilst having fun during the whole process.


Vanina Vladova – Student Ambassador from Yordan Radichkov FLHS, Vidin

Vanina Vladova is a 12th grade student at FLHS “Yordan Radichkov”, Vidin. She studies French, English and History and participates in various after school clubs and activities, such as the school’s drama club and of course Speech and debate in English. Vanina has participated in BEST tournaments for 4 years in various towns around Bulgaria. In her free time she likes painting, volunteering and baking.