2015-2016 Student Ambassadors

2015-2016 Student Ambassadors:

Anya Ganeva
Anya Ganeva – Student Ambassador from
Ekzarh Yosif I FLHS in Lovech

Anya Ganeva was born in Svoge, near Sofia, but lives and studies in Lovech and now is a part of the team of Lovech. Now is her second year of participating in BEST, she has done prose, poetry and duo and this year she is going to try oratory. She loves every single event she has attended and is looking forward to going to another tournament. She loves singing, reading and trying new things as often as possible; also, she loves her friends unconditionally. Anya is in 11th grade and dreams of studying Scandinavian studies when she gets to university.


ChristianaChristiana Dimitrova – Student Ambassador from
Geo Milev ELHS in Ruse

Born and raised in Ruse, Christiana describes herself as a cheerful and ambitious person who’s always ready for new challenges. She is currently a 10th grader in English language school “Geo milev” but her further plans are to study German law in the university of Heidelberg and to become a lawyer. She also loves acting and performing in front of an audience and that’s why she is happy that BEST gives her the opportunity to express herself. Outside of school, she enjoys reading books, playing volleyball, traveling and spending time with her family and friends.



DenitsaDenitsa Dimitrova – Student Ambassador from
Peyo Yavorov FLHS in Silistra

Denitsa Dimitrova is a first year Student Ambassador from Silistra. She is studying German in a Language School, but she spends most of her free time playing volleyball. Her hobbies include travelling, acting and writing. Because of her wide range of interests, Denitsa hasn’t planned her future yet, but she dreams of a journey through Asia. In early 2015 she became part of the BEST Family, participating in the Pazardzhik Tournament.
“If I have to be honest, I had no idea that BEST was going to be so important to me. The idea of participating came all of a sudden, but it completely changed my life. The foundation gives our generation the great opportunity to feel significant and there is no bigger motivation for self-improvement than that.”

Deya ADeya Argirova – Student Ambassador from
Romain Rolland FLHS in Stara Zagora

Deya Argirova is from Stara Zagora and she studies at Romain Rolland Foreign Language School. Deya’s first encounter with BEST was almost 3 years ago when it was still called BFL. Her favourite categories are duo and oratory.

Deya is very passionate about singing and loves meeting new people. This is her last year in high school and after she graduates she hopes she will continue to be a part of BEST. (Because BEST don’t mess!)



DimitarDimitar Popov – Student Ambassador from
Bertolt Brecht FLHS in Pazardzhik

Dimitar Popov is a student at language school Bertolt Brecht. He is born in Pazardzhik and is in 11th grade. He has been part of BEST since 2014 and loves it. The reason he joined was his English teacher Ettie Nikolova, his friends and the love of English. He loves music, playing the guitar, computers and sports. Being a basketball player for 8 years he is used to perform in front of many people and prove his qualities no matter what they are which is his passion and BEST is the perfect way to do that. Having the responsibility of being ambassador he is confident and sure that he will do the best way he can to represent his school and his teammates.


admin-ajaxEleslav Vasilev – Student Ambassador from
Zaharii Stoyanov WLHS in Sliven

Eleslav is a student, musician, actor and a Star Wars geek from Sliven, who was born in Plovdiv. His involvement with BEST leads back to the year of 2013 when he was eager to show his acting skills in duo interpretation with his partner. Engaging in such competitions made him realise the importance of communicating with other individuals. By taking part in almost every BEST event, he broadens his horizons and all the lovely people instill in him a feeling of self fulfilment and a desire to continue participating in these competitions.
In his free time, the lad would either train or play guitar. He would most certainly love to keep in touch with his loved one and send her gifts. His friends are an inseparable part of his everyday life and he enjoys making new ones. He enjoys acting and would love to star in a sci-fi movie when he is old enough. His favourite BEST events are Duo interpretation and Prose.

ElianaEliana Aleksandrova – Student Ambassador from
Peter Bogdan FLHS in Montana

Eliana Aleksandrova is a student from Montana. She is 11th grade in FLHS “Peter Bogdan”. She has been participating in the BEST tournaments for one year. She is interested in oratory and this year she tried doing debate but she couldn’t find a team so she will participate in duo and of course oratory. In the beginning she was very scared about talking in English but now she is more confident. Before BEST tournaments she thought that people are interested only on themselves but during her first tournament she saw how people who are competing can be very friendly and to give advice to each other. She also learned that not everything is about winning, it is about giving your best to achieve your goals and improve yourself.

Fanni GkagkouliasFanni Gkagkoulias – Student Ambassador from
Thomas Jefferson SELS in Sofia

Fanni Gkagkoulias is half Greek, half Hungarian, currently living in Sofia. A senior student in Second English Language School “Thomas Jefferson,” she is keen on acting and photography, an equestrian competitor and a volunteer in Erasmus +. Since she was introduced to Speech and Debate Tournaments by her mentor Alex Kieselstein in 2013, she’s been involved with BEST. In her spare time she travels. Her future plan is to work for a Non-governmental Organization and realizes the importance of learning foreign languages in order to break down linguistically and cultural barriers between countries. Fanni believes that BEST is a unique opportunity to improve one’s language and public speaking skills, making new friends and travelling around the country.

GalenaGalena Todorova – Student Ambassador from
Aleko Konstantinov FLHS in Pravets

Born in Lovech but raised in Botevgrad, Galena Todorova has been a part of the BEST Family for two years already. She has participated with oratory and duos which are her best-loved. Studying in FLHS ” Alek Konstantinov” Pravets, she is on her way to make one of her tremendous dreams come true. Galena has a desire of studying International Events Management in London and also to attend theatre clubs there. Being a cheerleader for 10 years, she had visited lots of countries in Europe and Asia and hadn’t had enough of discovering new traditions and cultures. Participating in lots of sports, school and international competitions she learned how to be respectful, responsible and creative. She hopes her role as a SA will be beneficial for BEST, her own experience and all new competitors ready to conquer the World, or at least BEST.

Ivelina Karadzhova
Ivelina Karadzhova – Student Ambassador from
Akad. Lyudmil Stoyanov FLHS in Blagoevgrad

Ivelina Karadzhova was born in Sandanski, but now she is a student at FLHS “Lyudmil Stoyanov” in Blagoevgrad, where she studies German and English.

Ivelina is 17-year-old debater and member of our BEST-family since 2014. In her free time, she likes reading books and listening to classical music. She also plays the piano and is profoundly interested in Philosophy.



KaloyanKaloyan Kamenov – Student Ambassador from
Peter Bogdan FLHS in Montana

Kaloyan Kamenov is a student in 11th grade from Montana, studying in FLHS ”Peter Bogdan”. Being really interested in debate, he started having thoughts of participating with oratory this year as well, and it is almost certain that he will. Kaloyan is really excited about the upcoming BEST tournaments. Passion, strong will and positive energy fill him while performing and he is aware that being a part of such an organization guarantees him enormous opportunities for the future. While having free time, which is not very often, Kaloyan likes hanging out with friends, reading supernatural books or just having slow and peaceful walks among the nature. BEST Foundation changed his life entirely and taught him how to consider his principles much more carefully. He also learned that it is extremely important to never give up no matter what. Respectively his aims grew bigger and now he is planning his education abroad, hoping his strength will won’t let him down. The thing in which Kaloyan is most interested in international affairs but in the sphere of education. Trying really hard and putting all his hard work in BEST will never be in vain and eventually will repay much more.

Katerina StoyanovaKaterina Stoyanova – Student Ambassador from
Bertolt Brecht FLHS in Pazardzhik

Katerina Stoyanova was born in Deep South Smolyan, but grew up and still dwells in Pazardzhik – home of the Bertolt Brecht Language High School where she is currently a student. She first experienced the magic of speech and debate in 2013 when her awesome ex-coach, ex-BEST Team member, and currently sitting on the Board of Directors – Ettie Nikolova started the school’s team. A keen musician, artist and amateur cosplayer by night and a debater, student and code nerd by day, she claims that speech and debate have made school a much better place for her than it was before. Currently on her mission to rescue every cat on the Earth and bring BEST into the Bulgarian high-school curricula, she is thrilled to be part of the Student Ambassadors program and is already working hard to ensure her team has everything provided for the BEST experience (no pun intended).

Krisitiqn GKristiyan Georgiev – Student Ambassador from
Dr Ivan Bogorov FLHS in Dimitrovgrad

Kristiyan, or Kris, is from Dimitrovgrad. He studies at Ivan Bogorov Language School in Dimitrovgrad.He has been involved with BEST since the beginning of 2015.He is interested in making duos. Kristiyan likes playing basketball and playing the guitar.

His plans for the future are to become a surgeon or a graphic designer because he also can draw well. And what has BEST given him? He says that BEST gave him self-assurance and now he is not afraid to speak in front of large groups of people.


Lyuba TodorovaLyuba Todorova – Student Ambassador from
Thomas Jefferson SELS in Sofia

Lyuba Todorova was born in Varna, but has been living in Sofia since first grade (meaning that she doesn’t have the accent anymore). She studies in Second English Language School “Thomas Jefferson” and is currently 11th grade (hopefully she’ll also graduate it eventually). Lyuba joined BEST (formerly BFL) in 9th grade and for the past 2 years has been on almost every tournament (except for one-nothing personal, Lovech ;D)- her usual event is Duo, and occasionally (when her duo-partner gets too fed up with her) – Original Oratory. Apart from failing in Public Speaking, Lyuba is also keen on writing and runs two blogs, where you can read her short stories. She’s also a volunteer for the Bulgarian Red Cross Youth and has a small list of things to make her happy – climbing trees, chocolate, long walks, rock ’n’ roll music, good books, good looks etc. Her plans for the future include travelling, winning a Most Annoying Snapchatter with the Best Selfies Award, having a llama for a pet and kidnapping a world-famous author for using his big name and publisher to print her own novels and others.

Mihaela Popazova
Mihaela Popazova – Student Ambassador from
Peyo Yavorov FLHS in Silistra

Mihaela Popazova is a 17-year-old second year Student Ambassador from Silistra. She is studying German as a first foreign language and English as the second foreign language in Peyo Yavorov Language High School. Her hobby is drawing and she loves video editing and vlogging. Her first participation was earlier in 2015 in Pazardzhik with Original Oratory as a BEST event. For her, BEST is more than a competition – “BEST is a Family. We are all here to support each other and help others to improve their skills.”



NenaNena Atanasova – Student Ambassador from
FLHS – Pleven

Nena Atanasova was born in Pleven. She is a student in the Foreign Language School and has been involved with BEST since October 2014. She has been passionate about languages, Morganism and volleyball since childhood. Nena worked on several European projects with Lithuania and Turkey and still feeling passionate in exchanging experience with other countries .She dreams of one day becoming a teacher and inspiring children how to believe in their possibilities and be confident enough to achieve their dreams. Her wish is to combine her knowledge and experience in BEST in order to help her team to feel proud of their achievements at the competitions, namely to have fun .She is a futuristic person and she knows that her life has a deep meaning and purpose.

NilayNilay Gunay – Student Ambassador from
Nikola Vaptsarov FLHS in Shumen

Nilay Gunay is a second year student ambassador in FLHS “Nikola Vaptsarov” Shumen. Nilay was born on 28 April 1999 in Novi pazar where she was raised. Has gone to school there seven years then she moved to Shumen and started studying in FLHS where she found out about BEST foundation. She participated in BEST competitions in Lovech where she was oratory semi-finalist and debates quarter-finalist, Pazardjik and Burgas with Debates and Oratory. Her favorite event is Oratory due to the chance it gives to young people to express themselves and their different ways of thinking. She doesn’t have any plans for the future yet, because she prefers to go with the flow and live for the moment.

Nikolay Atanasow
Nikolay Atanasov – Student Ambassador from
Aleko Konstantinov FLHS in Pravets

Nikolay Atanasov is one of the SAs from FLS “Aleko Konstantinov” in Pravets. He is from Botevgrad. Nikolay participate in Best tournaments since December 2014.

His hobby is to travel and explore new cities or wild nature also he is interest in reading historical books. Nikolay’s plan for the future is to apply and study law and eventually become a lawyer.



Rosana PetkovaRosana Petkova – Student Ambassador from
Akad. Lyudmil Stoyanov FLHS in Blagoevgrad

Rosana Petkova is an eleventh-grader at FLHS ‘Acad. Lyudmil Stoyanov’ in Blagoevgrad. She was introduced to BEST by her ex-coach Athena Lao back in 2013 and has been a keen debater ever since. As a typical Gemini, she is versatile, doesn’t like to get stuck with mundane tasks, and would often describe herself as a Jack-of-all-trades. It is sometimes a challenge for her to find like-minded individuals who are able to keep up with her relentless enthusiasm, chess-like maneuvering and contradiction between her personality traits. She likes to keep herself busy all the time and enjoys travelling, running and high-end fashion. A fan of Post-Impressionism and Pop art, Beethoven’s 5th symphony, and ‘Suits’. A proud owner of (or should we say proudly owned by?) three cats. Some her other passions include red wine, nail art, jazz music, the mountains, and everything Asian.

Stoyana Tomova – Student Ambassador from
Geo Milev FLHS in Dobrich

Stoyana Tomova is a student ambassador from Dobrich. She’s been a part of BEST for three years now. In her free time she enjoys literature and playing basketball. She’s done debate and usually does prose and poetry.

This year she is also trying duo. She loves BEST and is really excited to be a part of this organization.



Tihomir Kamenov – Student Ambassador from
FLHS – Pleven

Tihomir Kamenov was born and raised in the small town Knezha and has been living and studying in Pleven since 8th Grade. He is a senior in the Foreign Language School and has been involved with BEST since October 2014.

He has been passionate about languages and tennis since childhood and dreams of one day becoming a game developer and learning to speak German fluently.



Velina DimitrovaVelina Dimitrova – Student Ambassador from
Aprilov National High School in Gabrovo

Velina Dimitrova is a student, a full time professional YouTube fangirl and also a huge bibliophile. She lives and studies in Gabrovo, but she was actually born in Elena, a small, but really pretty town near Veliko Tarnovo. Velina moved to Gabrovo so she could study in Aprilov National High School and that’s how she found out about BEST. She got inspired after listening to the oratory of one of her friends three years ago. Velina took part in the events since the time BEST was still known as BFL. In her free time, besides reading books and watching YouTube, Velina likes to meet up with her friends, take pictures and draw. Her family, friends and her books are the most precious things in her life because they have influenced her and inspired her to always aim high.

VeselinVeselin Nanov – Student Ambassador from
American College of Sofia

Veselin is a senior at the American College of Sofia. He started debating during his sophomore year and since then he has practiced in an array of different formats, including British Parliamentary and World Schools.

Last year he was an ASSIST scholar studying at North Shore Country Day School in Chicago. Despite public speaking, he participates in school journalism and does Track. His interests are focused in the area of politics and education.



Yoan D
Yoan Dimov – Student Ambassador from
Romain Rolland FLHS in Stara Zagora

Yoan Dimov is a very cheerful student from FLS “Romain Rolland” Stara Zagora. He is very passionate about competing at BEST tournament and they take a big part of his life. The competitions have changed his life as they gave him the hope that there are many bright and young people among Bulgaria with the desire for change. Yoan is looking forward for the next year of competing at Duo, Prose and Oratory! His main Goal for the year is to Rock the stage as a Rock Star!