2016-2017 Student Ambassadors

2016-2017 Student Ambassadors:

ani-dimitrovaAni Dimitrova – Student Ambassador from
Ivan Vazov FLHS, Smolyan

Ani was born and raised in Smolyan. This is her 3rd year in High School and second year as a BEST participant. Ani competed with Oratory last year since it is her favourite discipline. This year she thinks she will give Debate or Duo a try. Ani loves dancing and studying foreign languages. She used to be a rhythmic gymnast. When she grows up, she wants to be a psychotherapist. Her dream is to study in Denmark or Austria after she graduates from high school. Ani draws her passion and inspiration from her Tumblr blog. She has also devoted a huge part of herself to the Red Cross. Ani is a very cheerful and social person who likes tackling challenges and working in a team. Her soul could be described with three words: music, art and travelling.

blagovesta-neychevaBlagovesta Neycheva – Student Ambassador from
Geo Milev FLHS, Dobrich

Blagovesta is 15 years old and from a young age she has had a passion for art and self-expression. She describes herself as an artist who loves drawing, reading horror books and writing poetry in English. Last year Blagovesta moved to her new school and it was there that she found out about BEST. After watching some of her friends perform at a competition, she instantly knew that she had discovered the perfect place for herself.
“Going to new places, meeting new people and being inspired by so many of them is a wonderful experience.” So far, Blagovesta has participated with oratory and poetry in BEST tournaments and she is excited about the next one.


Boryana Bogdanova – Student Ambassador from
Tsar Simeon Veliki Secondary School, Vidin

Boryana is a sixteen-year-old girl from the majestic Vidin, is currently in 10th grade. As an art lover, reading, painting, and performing are her source of joy and relaxation. BEST is important to her because it gives her the opportunity to perform, improve her public speaking skills, and make new friendships.





boyan-slavovBoyan Slavov – Student Ambassador from
Atanas Burov School of Economics and Management, Silistra

This is Boyan’s first year as a Student Ambassador. He lives in the small beautiful town Silistra. He is 16 years old and studies Accounting at Atanas Burov High School of Economics. His hobbies include travelling, swimming and diving. He enjoys reading books, listening to music and watching Bulgarian and American YouTubers. He also considers himself a movie fan as he likes watching movies as well as Fantasy, Drama, and Comedy TV Series. Boyan describes himself as a loyal, kind, responsible and friendly person. His goal is to be actively involved in campaigning for human rights. He joined BEST in 2015 and shares that his experience at BEST tournaments has helped him to better express his ideas and gain more confidence. Boyan adds, “I also meet really nice people and make new friends, which is great!”

Daniela Hvarchilkova – Student Ambassador from

Sv. Konstantin-Kiril Filosof ELS, Ruse

Born in Byala, Daniela is a Student Ambassador from Sv. Konstantin-Kiril Filosof European Language School in Ruse. Last year she took part in the Duo Interpretation and this year she’s intending to try Original Oratory. She says that BEST provided her with a great experience and she is excited about the upcoming tournaments throughout year. Daniela enjoys spending time with her friends, doing sports and reading books in her free time. One of her other hobbies is travelling and as such, her dream is to travel the world.


dayana-stoynovaDayana Stoynova – Student Ambassador from
Romain Rolland FLHS, Stara Zagora

Dayana is currently 11th grade at Romain Rolland Foreign Language High School in Stara Zagora. She describes herself as a cheerful, positive, and passionate person. Dayana loves art in all of its forms but photography and theatre are the ones she finds best. In her spare time she likes taking photos, going to the cinema or playing basketball. She feels that BEST has been a big part of her life ever since she was 9th grade. So far, she has only performed in Duo but plans to try something new this year. “I think that BEST is a wonderful opportunity for those who are willing to improve one’s language, make new unique friendships and travel a lot more than usual.”


ekaterina-pavlovaEkaterina Pavlova – Student Ambassador from
Bertolt Brecht FLHS, Pazardzhik

Ekaterina is a senior at Bertolt Brecht Language School. She was introduced to the BEST world by her former coach Ettie Nikolova three years ago and would describe her experience as one of the greatest in her academic life. She likes to keep her mind active and is an extremely versatile person, and for this reason often likes to be triple-entered at competitions. A huge fan of House MD and Game of Thrones, and a YouTube addict.
Last year Ekaterina was an ASSIST scholar at Fountain Valley School of Colorado. Apart from public speaking, she enjoys Science, Math and does swimming. In addition, her career interests fall in the Medical and Biomedical area of study.

elena-georgievaElena Georgieva – Student Ambassador from
Simeon Radev FLHS, Pernik

Born and raised in Sofia, Elena is 17 and currently lives in Breznik, or as she puts it “the Bulgarian Malibu”. It was there that she found out she had a passion for studying foreign languages and since then, she has been studying English, French, and Spanish. Last year, when she joined BEST, she couldn’t believe she made it to the Finals as for the past 4 years, she had been concentrating more on learning French and Spanish than on practicing her English. “I want to say that no matter what you study, what people think and say – you are able to make everything possible. There are no such things as limits for those who dream. Love you all and again thank you for that amazing journey!”

hristina-todorovaHristina Todorova – Student Ambassador from
Ekzarh Yosif I FLHS, Lovech

Hristina Todorova is the Student Ambassador from Ekzarh Yosif I FLHS in Lovech.
“BEST is a huge part of my life and thanks to it I met a lot of important people who made me the person I am today.” Her first coach was Claire Sagstuen and she was the one who inspired Hristina to join BEST and helped her become more confident. “She is the reason why I am still competing and improving with each competition and equally love all of the events.” In her free time she enjoys listening to music and using art as a way to express herself. She also likes to sing, read books and watch TV series which often leads to obsessing over fictional characters. In addition, she loves creative writing, photography and going on roadtrips with her friends.

Hristina Tsonkova – Student Ambassador from

Acad. Lyudmil Stoyanov FLHS, Blagoevgrad

Hristina is the Student Ambassador from Blagoevgrad. She loves going out with friends, listening to music and reading poems. “That’s why I love BEST. You can meet new friends from all over the country and have fun. Also, it provides you the chance to express yourself and to not be ashamed of who you are! And last but not least, no words can describe the feeling of being part of such a great community that is BEST!”



ivanela-sirakovaIvanela Sirakova – Student Ambassador from
Bertolt Brecht FLHS, Pazardzhik

Ivanela Sirakova is an 11th grader in Language High School ”Bertolt Brecht” in Pazardzhik and a dedicated member of BEST, who loves acting and performing in front of an audience as well as being surrounded with such lovely people as BEST’s Besties!
Ivanela is one really cheerful and easygoing person, who is always trying to spread positivity. Plus, her ambition and thirst for knowledge keep her constantly busy with different kinds of competitions and extracurricular activities. That’s why she accepts the responsibility to be an ambassador with all her heart, hoping that her extreme motivation, ambition, and hard work will totally inspire and energize her team for successful performances, accompanied with lots of laughs, new friendships, and unforgettable memories.
She is also a keen snowboarder, runner, and supporter of leading a healthy lifestyle, whose mind is 24/7 open for new ideas and perspectives.


Ivaylo Trifonov – Student Ambassador from
Dr. Ivan Bogorov FLHS, Dimitrovgrad

Ivaylo is 16 years old from Dimitrovgrad. He has two sisters and one brother. His favourite season is spring. Ivaylo adds, “I love BEST because I get to meet with people who are smart and friendly.”





Kristiyan Georgiev – Student Ambassador from

Dr. Ivan Bogorov FLHS, Dimitrovgrad

Kristiyan, currently in 10th grade at Ivan Bogorov Language School in Dimitrovgrad, is 16 years old and has been part of BEST since the beginning of 2015. He usually participates with Prose or Duo. He likes playing basketball and playing the guitar. In the future, he would like to become a surgeon or a graphic designer but also to be able to help BEST develop. “BEST gave me self-assurance which is awesome, but the reason I love BEST is that the people you meet there are just awesome. BEST is like a second home to me. The people there are my family.”

magdalena-dimitrovaMagdalena Dimitrova – Student Ambassador from
Aprilov National High School, Gabrovo

Magdalena is a student at the Aprilov National High School in Gabrovo. She likes to read, watch TV shows, and spend a lot of time in YouTube. Yet, nothing compares to playing with her amazing dog. “I love animals because I think they are the opposite of humans – they have the purest hearts and only animals can love you only because you love them back.”
This will be her 4th year as a BEST participant. She’s been doing Oratory and the reason she likes it is because it gives the students an opportunity to speak freely about the things they care about – something she finds difficult at school. For the same reason she also wants to try Debate. “BEST is amazing because it makes us use our brains and it teaches us to love knowledge in a fun way. Of course the people are simply the BEST.”
Her dream is to study medicine. This way she will be equipped with the needed knowledge to help as many people as possible.

magdalena-metodievaMagdalena Metodieva – Student Ambassador from
Romain Rolland FLHS, Stara Zagora

Magdalena, or Maggie as most people call her is from FLHS Romain Rolland in Stara Zagora. This is her third year taking part in BEST competitions and her favourite discipline of all is Duo Interpretation. It’s the acting and being able to transform in different characters is what keeps her interested and involved in the BEST community. “BEST is a way to express yourself freely and firmly.”
Her hobbies include playing sports and making creative things, which are not necessarily always connected to art. She would like to study Graphic Design and/or Programming somewhere abroad. “I think participating in the BEST Competitions is an amazing way to improve all your skills – your artistic skills, English skills, improvisation skills and even being able to socialise because BEST can never be that great without its spirit and all the people taking part in it. I love meeting students from all around Bulgaria with whom we share so many common things. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without BEST!”

marieta-milushevaMarieta Milusheva – Student Ambassador from
Acad. Lyudmil Stoyanov FLHS, Blagoevgrad

Marieta is a 12th grader in the FLHS in Blagoevgrad. “Apart from speech and debate I love exploring new things and places, reading and sometimes writing poetry, cuddling with my little bunny and overthinking mundane life situations.”
Her former coach, Athena Lao, introduced her to BEST and she joined quite reluctantly because she was afraid of failure. “Since then I’ve failed a couple of times (or more) but I’ve succeeded in becoming more educated and aware of the world around me, being able to express my views clearly and more eloquently, and last but certainly not least- I’ve succeeded in making plenty of new friends whose support keeps me going.”
Her dream is to hit the road one day and travel the world on her own because life without adventures is a scary prospect for her.

Mihaela Popazova – Student Ambassador from

Peyo Yavorov FLHS, Silistra

Mihaela is a 18-year-old third year Student Ambassador from Silistra. She is studying German as a first foreign language and English as the second foreign language in Peyo Yavorov Language High School. Her hobby is drawing and she loves video editing and vlogging. Her first participation was earlier in 2015 in Pazardzhik with Original Oratory as a BEST event. For her, BEST is more than a competition – “BEST is a Family. We are all here to support each other and help others to improve their skills.”


Mihaela Timofeeva – Student Ambassador from

Peyo Yavorov FLHS, Silistra

Born under the name of Mihaela and the sign of Virgo, she grew up in Silistra – a beautiful small town in northeastern Bulgaria. She attends Peyo Yavorov FLHS, where she studies English and German, and is currently in Grade 10. This is her third year as a part of the BEST family and first year as a Student Ambassador. “Never believed it would change me as much as it did!”
Apart from BEST, her interests vary greatly – from everything related to astrology and spirituality, to literature, feminism & social justice, and blogging.


Niki Yonkov – Student Ambassador from

Aprilov National High School, Gabrovo

Niki was born in Sevlievo and when he moved to Gabrovo at an early age. He found BEST through his studies at Aprilov National High School. He has various hobbies such as downhill, swimming and athletics. He also loves watching action and adventure movies. Niki identifies himself as friendly and talkative. He has been connected with BEST for 3 years, and has gained much experience and have developed my communication skills, which fuel his dedication to BEST. “I really enjoy the moments in BEST.”


Nikolay Petrov – Student Ambassador from

Petar Bogdan FLHS, Montana

Nikolay has been to two tournaments in the 2014-2015 tournament season and 6 tournaments in the 2015-2016 tournament season, including the US-Qualifier. He has won one first place in Oratory, one fifth and one first in Duo. He is very excited for this year and is very happy about being an SA as well. “I can’t wait for the tournaments and I can’t live without BEST!”



nilay-gunayNilay Gunay – Student Ambassador from
Nikola Vaptsarov FLHS in Shumen

Nilay Gunay is a fourth year student ambassador in Nikola Vaptsarov FLHS in Shumen. Nilay was born on 28 April 1999 in Novi Pazar where she was raised. She has gone to school there seven years, after which she moved to Shumen and started studying in the local FLHS where she found out about BEST Foundation. She has participated in BEST competitions in Lovech, where she was an Oratory semi-finalist and a Debate quarter-finalist, Pazardzhik, Burgas, Ruse and Silistra, where her team was in second place in Debate. Her favorite event is Duo because it is interesting to do and watch and even more interesting to prepare. She doesn’t have any plans for the future but that is yet to come.


preslava-ivanovaPreslava Ivanova – Student Ambassador from
Yoan Ekzarh FLHS, Varna

Preslava is 16 years old and is currently a 10th grade student in the 5th Language School in Varna, where she was born, raised and still living. Although her first language at school is German, English has always been a way greater passion of hers. That’s why she prefers reading books in English, mostly speaks English with her close friends and loves taking part in different competitions such as BEST tournaments. “But honestly, not one of all of these other competitions is like BEST. In just about two days on my first tournament in Silistra, where I managed to get to semi-finals in Original Oratory, BEST became my new passion. It was an opportunity to work as a team with some truly amazing people from my school and meet more just as interesting and intelligent people from all over Bulgaria.” Preslava loves spending her free time with friends. She’s a very ambitious and friendly of person. She is also a volunteer at Varna’s prevention club. Her further plans are to study medicine and one day become a neurosurgeon.

sofia-naydenovaSofia Naydenova – Student Ambassador from
Petar Bogdan FLHS, Montana

Sofia studies english English as her first language. She started participating in BEST tournaments as an 8th grader having absolutely no idea what was going on. But she realized that the community BEST was looking to create was what she was looking for. “Understanding people who are always ready to listen and give you freedom to be whoever you wanna be. Not to mention the friendships and bonds I think we all have made not only with our teammates but with other competitors as well.” She is looking forward to meeting new challenges and people this year as BEST tournaments begin.


viktoria-dimovaViktoria Dimova – Student Ambassador from
Yoan Ekzarh FLHS, Varna

Born and raised in Varna, Viktoria is studying at Yoan Ekzarh FLHS and is currently in 11th grade. In her not-so-humble opinion, her most distinguishable character traits are good-natured amiability, quickness of apprehension and positive outlook on life. As a versatile person, she has a wide range of interests. Among them are: art, music, learning languages, fashion, design and architecture. However, what she finds most enjoyment in is undoubtedly traveling, as it has broadened her horizons and taught her to embrace all kinds of dissimilarities. Respectively, her plans for the future include getting to know the world with her own eyes, becoming acquainted with countries’ unique culture, and pursuing a degree in architecture.
She was introduced to BEST just the previous tournament season, though to her it seems like ages since she first stepped foot in Geo Milev ELHS in Ruse back in November 2015 to present her speech. Apart from getting in out of sheer curiosity, her motivation to join BEST had been to simply overcome her fear of public speaking. Now she realises that, “thanks to the existence of the organization, she has immensely developed her command of English, her critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as making friends with incredible people from across the country. BEST really does bring more color and vivacity at Bulgarian schools.”
This is why her personal goal as a Student Ambassador for this year would be to get more people interested in it and to make sure it continues even after she graduates.