Costs and Fees

Registration Fees

Registration fees are 35 leva per student for Bulgarian teams and 23Euros per event for students from international teams. There are penalty fees for adds, drops, or changes in student participation after the registration deadline and you can see details in the section for Penalty Fees below.

All registration fees need to be paid via bank transfer to the bank account listed below. If you use UniCredit to complete the transfer they will charge you a nominal fee; other banks may charge 3 BGN wire fee. After you complete the transfer, you must send us an email with a picture of your invoice and the following information in the subject line: school name, number of students, and amount of leva. All payments should be made in one amount, as a team. Individual payments for individual students will not be recognized.

Faktura (Invoice) Information:
Organization name: BEST Bulgarian English Speech and Debate Tournament Foundation
Registration address: Bulgaria, 1504 Sofia, 1 Panayot Volov St. Floor 2
BULSTAT: 176712880
IBAN: BG33UNCR70001521640901
MOL: Rumyana Ognyanova Mihaylova

Penalty Fees

These rules go into effect for any changes made AFTER tournament registration closes (usually 2 weeks before a tournament). Penalty Fees can be paid with bank wire or at the reimbursement table at tournaments.

Rule-of-thumb: if the number of students on your team attending changes, you will need to pay a fee. If the number of students attending does NOT change up until 3 days before the tournament, you will not need to pay a fee.

Adding new students
  • Add after registration to up to 3 days before tournament: 10 leva per student
  • No adds allowed after 3 days before tournament
Dropping students
  • Drops up to 3 days before tournament: 10 leva per student
  • Drops after this point up until the start of tournament day-of check-in: 15 leva per student
  • Students who drop due to illness or other emergency will be waived from the drop penalty fee as long as their coach provides a note from the doctor (or other appropriate source) AND from the school director.
  • Name-changes: free up to 3 days before tournament
  • Changes after this point: 15 leva per change
Tournament-day penalties
  • No-Shows (students who are dropped at check in or during the tournament): 25 leva
  • Team does not bring correct number of judges: 60 leva per missing judge