Welcome to the scholarship application page! Here you will find detailed steps for completing a successful scholarship application. If you are looking for a specific scholarship form, please find the link on the relevant tournament portal.

Steps to a successful scholarship application:

  1. Research transportation costs to find out per-student travel costs. BEST assumes that teams will travel by the cheapest possible mode of transportation (using the group student train discount is usually the case). Please see our what to expect and terms and conditions page for details on this.
  2. Finalize the number of students attending three weeks before the tournament.
  3. Fully register for the upcoming tournament. Make sure to complete all the steps.
  4. Fill out the scholarship form well before scholarship deadline.
  5. Find out via email if your scholarship has been [conditionally] approved!
  6. At least ten days before the tournament, purchase your student group rail tickets.
    • This will require a letter with all participants’ names and ID numbers, signed by your director, to be brought to the train station at least 10 days in advance of the travel date.
    • Ensure you purchase round-trip tickets that will be photographed at the reimbursement station
  7. E-mail with any questions, concerns or changes in your application.

Remember, all scholarships are conditional on adherence to the terms and conditions and adequate documentation at reimbursement.

Some Dos and Don’ts of Scholarship Applications!


  • Carefully review our scholarship terms and conditions and reimbursement policies
  • Fill out the scholarship before the deadline
  • Include an accurate number of students attending
  • Research cost-effective transportation options (always try to go for the group student rail discount!)
  • Always better to get round-trip tickets
  • Buy your tickets early
  • Show us how you’ve fundraised for your team


  • Fill out the scholarship application last-minute
  • Expect to get reimbursed without original itemized receipts
  • Pick the most expensive way to travel
  • Travel by bus if you can travel by train
  • Travel by hired car if you can travel by bus or train