BEST scholarships are made in the form of reimbursements or discretionary funding at tournaments. In order to prepare for your reimbursement, please keep in mind the following:

  1. Reimbursements will be made during set hours announced by a member of the Management Team at the tournament. Once you are prepared with all of your receipts and fakturas, you can come and receive your reimbursements from the BEST team during these hours. Please note that we cannot guarantee your reimbursement if you miss the hours, so come on time!
  2. You are only ready to be reimbursed when:
    a. You have round-trip train tickets (or bus) for each participant requiring reimbursement that we can take a photo of.
    b. You have checked that the cost of these tickets matches the amount we allocated for your scholarship.
    c. You collect all of your students’ signatures on the form we give you at check-in and present it at reimbursement.

BEST will not reimburse teams who do not provide the appropriate documentation.