What to expect

This page provides a brief overview of what to expect from BEST in terms of scholarships before you start the application process. In addition to the information here, it is essential that all coaches are familiar with the specific terms and conditions associated with receiving a scholarship. All scholarships are issued at tournaments in the form of reimbursements and are conditional on adherence to the terms and conditions (so please read the page!)

You Can Expect BEST to…

  1. Give scholarships in the form of reimbursements or discretionary funding to be issued at the tournament.
  2. Cover the cost of transportation, with appropriate discounts, for each student, in the form of a per-student travel stipend. To ensure you are aware of and obtaining all possible discounts visit our terms and conditions page.
    Why train is the best option: The train is the cheapest form of transportation for groups of students in Bulgaria. Covering the cost of transportation by train and requiring teams to obtain a group discount enables us to provide more scholarships, and make BEST accessible to more people.
  3. Refuse to issue reimbursements to teams who do not adhere to the terms and conditions of receiving a scholarship, or fail to provide appropriate documentation at reimbursement. Scholarship recipients are responsible for knowing and adhering to all terms and conditions regarding scholarships.
    Why: As a registered NGO in Bulgaria, we are required to document how we use our funds, and cannot issue scholarships to teams who do not provide this documentation. BEST expects all teams to spend their scholarship funds responsibly.

Do Not Expect BEST to…

  1. Fully finance your teams for tournament attendance.
    Why: Because BEST believes in empowering coaches, students, and communities, we expect all teams to contribute to the cost of attendance themselves by fundraising. This can seem intimidating, but teams have had great success fundraising in previous years! Please visit our fundraising page for ideas, advice, and strategies.
  2. Cover the cost of transportation other than a train, even if it is not feasible for your team to take the train due to location or unreasonably excessive travel time. However, BEST will still cover the cost of the train for that team, and attempt to assist further if possible in covering excess transportation costs. Please feel free to contact for advice regarding extenuating circumstances.
    Why: Though we understand that in exceptional circumstances it is not possible to take the train, BEST cannot guarantee our scholarship fund will cover the cost of transportation other than the train. BEST expects teams to know well ahead of time what transportation they will require and to fundraise accordingly.
  3. Award scholarships to cover the full cost of transportation for teams who are able to take the train but wish to take a more expensive form of transportation.
    Why: BEST wants to provide as many scholarships as possible, and providing scholarships to teams using unnecessarily expensive forms of transportation takes away from that goal. BEST will cover up to the (fully discounted) cost a train ticket regardless of the method you choose.
  4. Provide scholarships for regional tournaments to teams from outside the region. Teams from outside the region are welcome to participate, but must finance their own attendance entirely.
    Why: Every team is eligible to receive transportation scholarships for two regional tournaments and the National Tournament. BEST cannot finance the cost of out-of-region team travels.