2018-2019 SA Selection

Student Ambassadors are students carefully selected by coaches at the end of the tournament season and have an active mandate of 1 year. Their responsibilities include helping coaches with logistics in terms of attending tournaments, being leaders within their BEST teams, and working on a Community Project to benefit their cities/towns outside of BEST.

Selection process for 2018-2019 Student Ambassadors is outlined on this page.

Timeline (deadline for nomination – June 4th)
  • Coaches nominate 1 or 2 Student Ambassadors to represent their team during the 2018-2019 tournament season.
  • We strongly encourage small teams (10 members or less) to only nominate 1 student as an SA while bigger teams (11 members or more) to nominate 2 SAs.
  • SA selection is autonomous and entirely at the coach’s discretion. It can be conducted in a number of ways such as: voting within the team, a structured application process, or directly nominated by coaches.
  • After the coach has made their selection, they must nominate their selected SAs by filling out THIS FORM. Please make sure to fill out all of the information accurately.
  • When we receive the nominations from the coach we will contact them and the students with their first assignment – a survey so we can gauge the SAs’ commitment and motivation for the program during the upcoming year.
  • Students must be in grades 9th through 12th during the upcoming 2017-2018 tournament season.
  • Students should have participated in at least one BEST tournament to date.
  • We recommend that you pick students who have not been SAs previously, but understand that finding suitable students might be difficult, so it is allowed for a student to have been an Ambassador over a previous tournament season.
Desirable SA qualities
  • Hard-working, devoted, committed
  • Responsible, proactive, willing to lead and be held accountable
  • Motivation to work for their local community and the global BEST community
  • Vivid interest in BEST outside tournament activities
  • Creative, organized, adept at problem-solving
  • Willing to enact a Community Project to benefit their cities/towns

We’re looking forward to receiving coaches’ nominations until the deadline on June 4th! Please email info@bestfoundation.bg with any questions you might have about the nomination process.