2017-2018 Internships

Hello BEST Community! Love BEST? Want to get more involved?

We’re looking for  TWO current students or recent graduates to join the BEST Management Team as 2017-18 interns!

Available positions
  1. Graphic Design Intern
  2. Photography Intern
Interested? Here are a few things you need to know:
  • Interns can be high school students OR first-year university students
  • Interns cannot compete in tournaments due to potential conflicts of interest (you’ll be helping out behind-the-scenes)
  • 2017-18 Student Ambassadors cannot apply for internships, since they will have other commitments to BEST during the school year. However, former Student Ambassadors can apply.
  • Application requirements differ for each position. The Photography intern must live in Bulgaria and be prepared to attend all 2017-18 tournaments; while the Graphic Design intern can be remote. 
  • Interns located in Bulgaria who have to attend a tournament will have all their travel and accommodation costs covered by the BEST Foundation.
To Apply:
  1. You can apply for up to two internship positions. If applying for more than one position, you are required to submit separate applications for each one.
  2. Apply via e-mail to info@bestfoundation.bg including the following:
    1. Include the internship that you are applying for in the subject line of the e-mail (e.g. “Photography Intern Application”)
    2. Attach a cover letter up to 500 words (guidelines to UK-style cover letter here) explaining your motivation to be a BEST intern. Please tell us which internship you are applying for, why you love BEST, why you are a good fit for the position, and how this position will help you pursue future academic, career, or personal goals in the future.
    3. Attach a short CV up to 1 page (guidelines to UK-style CV here – focus on skill-based and academic) outlining your relevant skills, knowledge and experience.
    4. Check each position below for special requirements! You must submit these in your application along with the CV and cover letter.
  3. Application outcome will be made clear via e-mail. Candidates chosen for the interview stage will be notified.
  4. Interviews will take place shortly afterwards.
Graphic Design Intern (Location: Remote)

A graphic designer works on a variety of activities and projects, such as visual materials for social media, advertising, communications fundraising and merchandizing. The Graphic Design Intern will work with Daniel Ivanov on creating compelling visuals for social media and merchandising. The Graphics intern must be familiar with how BEST works because he or she will need to take up the organization’s “visual” brand and incorporate the appropriate style into the work. The work demands considerate approach to time and deadlines. Expect to commit approximately 5 hours a week, although working hours may vary according to our workflow.


  • Candidate must be very organized and highly motivated
  • Fundamental art skills
  • Creative and conceptual thinking
  • Consistency with an established visual style
  • Adaptability – style and teamwork
  • Up-to-date knowledge of software such as Adobe Photoshop and/or Adobe Illustrator is required

Special Application Requirements:

  • Submit a portfolio of up to 20 works (preferably digital)
  • Create a poster design for your school’s BEST team
Photography Intern (Location: Bulgaria)

The Photography Intern will work with Sevastian Petkov on Social Media and Tournament Photography. This intern should have access to a good camera and must commit to attending all 2017-2018 tournaments. The BEST photographer will be creating visual images and video to document BEST’s successes and for creative purposes. At tournaments, a photography intern must be driven to seeking out appropriate subjects and opportunities for photographs. They must also be highly adaptable, as each tournament will take place in a different location and under different circumstances. Outside of tournaments the intern will cut and compile video material for the BEST YouTube channel as well as photo material for our other social media. They will also ideally be able to help Sevastian with maintaining the BEST website, although that is not a must. The intern will be expected to take photos of opening and closing ceremonies, during rounds, and other tournament activities.


  • Social and portraiture photography skills
  • Technical equipment  – at least semi-professional camera and lenses
  • Software knowledge – Adobe Photoshop and any video editing software (preferably Adobe Premierе)
  • Must be present and working at ALL tournaments

Special Application Requirements:

  • A portfolio featuring up to 20 works
  • Portraits/Creative group photo of their BEST club