BEST Love Video Contest

We have a question.

Why do you stay for hours after school practicing the same 5-7 minutes of text over and over again? Why do you give up your nights and weekends and school holidays to research debate topics? Why do you talk to walls and bring that black binder with you to school every day?

In other words – when people ask why you love BEST so much, what do you say?

We invite you to answer this question by entering our BEST Love Video Contest!

What it is

Make a 2-4 minute video about why you love BEST. Be funny, sincere, weird, anything you want – we want to see your most creative, honest selves.

How to enter

The deadline is April 11. Upload your videos to Dropbox, then share it with us by e-mailing the link to info@bestfoundation.bgBe sure to include a title and credits. We will upload all submissions to our Facebook page. The video which receives the most likes by April 23 at midnight will win. The winners will receive exclusive BEST swag, special recognition on our Facebook page and website, and certificates. We’ll announce the winners and play the winning video at our National Tournament closing ceremony!