1. You should be at least C1 (very advanced, fluent, or native speaker) in English, as well as a high school graduate.

  2. If you are affiliated with a school (judging as part of a particular team), that school should register you via the Judge Sign-Up Form AND the team roster spreadsheet, both located on the current tournament portal.

  3. If you are not affiliated with a school, you should register on our sign-up sheet (which can be found on every tournament portal) before each tournament. You will receive an email confirming that you are a judge. If you have any questions or changes to your schedule, please email us at

  4. You must attend a mandatory Judge Training Session at the specified time the evening before or the day of the tournament.

  5. You are expected to judge for the entirety of the tournament in order to receive reimbursement for hotel, travel, and food. BEST handles all hotel placements for all judges.

Note: BEST considers its students performances works of art. As qualified English speakers, we consider all judges qualified to judge all events after initial training.

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