Bulgarian National Debate Team 2019 Application Opens!

For the third year BDA (Bulgarian Debate Association) and the BEST Foundation are looking for 8 motivated high school students from across the country to represent Bulgaria by competing in an international debate tournament in Europe.

The team of students will undergo intense training and will get the chance to learn from experienced debaters, after which they will compete. Previous teams have had great achievements in the Heart of Europe Debating Tournament such as being in the octofinals in 2017 and quarterfinals in 2018, as well as participating in the World Schools Debate Tournament in 2018.

The selection process for the national team is planned in three stages. The members of the previous debate team and finalists of national debate tournaments for the 2017/2018 school year will get a direct invitation to the last stage of the process.

Everyone else (regardless of past debate experience) who wants to be part of the team can apply by following the steps below. All materials submitted must be in English!

First stage: Online Application

Deadline: 23th December, 23:59

  • Video in which the candidate should give a proposition-side speech up to 8 minutes, on the motion: This house believes that the government should ban hate speech.

  • Motivational letter, no longer than one page, answering the questions: Why do you want to be a member of the National Debate Team and how would you contribute to the team if you are selected?

Please send the video and motivational letter to nationaldebateteam@debate.bg no later than the 23th of December

The speech can be sent via any file-sharing platform (such as Google Drive or WeTransfer) or it can be uploaded to a video-sharing platform like YouTube.

Second Stage: Interview (This is stage is meant only for those who pass the first stage)
The interviews will be conducted between 5th and 15th January

After reviewing the results of the first stage, we will reach out to the candidates and inform them if they have qualified for the second one. The interview will be organized by the BDA and the BEST, and it will feature two parts:
(a) general questions concerning your motivation, personal traits and skills;
(b) an impromptu motion, on which you will think and give improvised arguments

Third Stage: Final Live Selection

TBD, Sofia

For the third and final stage we will select 20 students, who will go through three-day training camp where they will get the opportunity to work with the team’s coaches. At the end of the weekend, the eight members of the National Debate Team representing Bulgaria will be chosen.

The selected students will go through training camps and gain access to online seminars, resources and will participate in tournaments in order to improve and develop.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask us at