The BEST Movie - an opportunity for aspiring filmmakers

Our videography intern, Gergana Kirilova is leading a project which can prove to be an amazing opportunity for BEST students who might be interested in pursuing a career in film one day.

The “BEST Movie” project aims to help motivated students develop their skills by producing a short movie over the course of a weekend. A team of talented young filmmakers will be selected through an online application process and will get to write, shoot and edit a short film in 48 hours on April 13-14.


  • Teamwork – the film industry heavily relies on collaboration, which is why becoming a good team player will help with independent projects later

  • Creativity – participants will need to generate ideas for a story and ways to tell the story

  • Problem solving – finishing a short film in under 48 hours is a challenging experience, which will push them to make decisions quickly and find solutions to problems

  • Developing their portfolio – having a completed short film proves your passion and is extremely useful when it comes to finding a job, internship or being accepted into film school


After the crew is selected, there are going to be a couple of Skype meetings for further discussion of the schedule and for everyone to get to know each other. The team will be able to discuss strategies for how to finish the film in that time frame. The participants are going to arrive in Sofia on April 12 (Friday) and will be given a theme for the movie. The only restrictions for the team are that they will have to include all actors and base their story on the given theme. They are free to decide how long all stages of production (pre-production, filming and post-production) take.

If you are interested in this project, refer to the application details below. This project is financially supported by the National curriculum for youth (2016-2020) of the Ministry of youth and sports.


The selection process opens on 09.02.2019 and closes on 18.03.2019. The selected students will be announced on 20.03.2019

There are three roles for which a student can apply. If they want, they can apply for two categories, specifying which one they prefer. Each role has different application requirements listed below.

1. Scriptwriter

Although the story for the short film will be a combination of everyone’s ideas, the scriptwriter is  the one that makes the final decisions, writes and supervises the script. Application requirements:

  • A short motivational letter

  • A sample of short creative writing, the student has done – it can be a script, a story or a passage from a book, in English or Bulgarian

2. Film Director

A director guides the rest of the crew, monitors performances and technical quality. Application requirements:

  • A short motivational letter

  • A short video they have directed of any genre (preferably a short movie)

3. Actor/actress

As actors they are going to depict characters, using voice, appearance and gestures. Application requirements:

  • A short motivational letter

  • A video of them performing a dialogue or a monologue from a movie scene (The movie is their choice, just make sure that the title is included. If the student has a friend help them, please make sure that they specify which person in the scene they are.)

We wish good luck to everyone! We can’t wait to get all your submissions!

Please send your applications with the above materials to