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BEST’s budget only covers highly essential expenditures. We need your help to ensure successful delivery of quality programming and educational opportunities to all Bulgarian youth!

BEST operates through grants and crowdfunding efforts by our Board of Directors and Management Team. Every donation will go directly to supporting our 2018/2019 programming.

BEST 2018/2019 school year expenditures*

*Please note that some of these have already been funded.

In Their Own Words: BEST is the BEST!

“BEST is the best because it is not just a competition. It is a community. Here students receive a chance to express their opinion, share their thoughts and be heard. They create art and learn to share it with the world. And most importantly, they create a big team of intelligent and compassionate people ready to change the future.”
– Boryana Milenova, former competitor from Simeon Radev FLHS – Pernik

“I decided to participate because I really wanted to overcome my fear of public speaking, to be better at social interaction, to overcome my shyness. I also really wanted to meet new people and make new friendships. BEST gave me the opportunity to expand. It has helped me with my fear of public speaking. I’ve realized that even if I don’t perform well, I’m 100% okay with that fact. I don’t get stressed out that much anymore and I don’t get down.”
– Dayana Baleva, former competitor from Pleven FLHS

“BEST is the best because BEST is not about trophies, but friendships. BEST is not about speaking, but it’s about communicating. BEST is a thrilling journey, rather than a means to an end. BEST is all about inspiration, self improvement and dedication. BEST is the best because BEST is a family.”
– Seda Radoykova, former competitor frpm American College of Sofia

To read more testimonials about BEST from more former competitors,
as well as teachers and BEST management, head over to our Testimonials page!

Want to learn more about BEST?

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The BEST (Bulgarian English Speech and Debate Tournaments) Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Sofia, Bulgaria that promotes citizenship education through speech and debate programs for Bulgarian high school students.

BEST is a thriving community committed to free, creative, and intelligent discourse. Our programs empower youth by giving them the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills, confidence, leadership abilities, and most importantly, a desire to change their communities and the world for the better.

Ultimately, BEST seeks to redefine what “best” means: for us, success is not just about winning awards; success is a commitment and appreciation of lifelong intellectual and emotional growth.

BEST works alongside the Bulgarian education system to provide this unique space. Last year alone, we engaged over 1000 students, teachers, and volunteers, as well as over 50 schools in towns and cities across Bulgaria.

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Make a US tax-deductible donation through our partners at Salt Ventures!

Make a US tax-deductible donation through our partners at Salt Ventures!

You can donate directly to BEST via PayPal using this button!

You can donate directly to BEST via PayPal using this button!