National Tournament in Plovdiv, April 27-29, 2018

Welcome to the current tournament portal for the National tournament! The upcoming National tournament will be hosted by The Agricultural University in Plovdiv on April 27-29. The national tournament is in the Ministry of Education calendar for Extracurricular activities and competitions. Registration for the tournament has ended.

Letter of Invitation

You can download the official letter of invitation in Bulgarian here. If you want a customized letter mailed to your school, e-mail us at


Here you can read our pre-tournament press release in English and Bulgarian.

Here you can read our post-tournament press release in English and Bulgarian.


Friday, April 27

15:00: SA Retreat and Presentations
18:00 – 19:30: Team Check In (Agrarian University)
20:00 Opening Ceremony

Saturday, April 28

8:45: Flight B Round 1: Debate (prepared) & Poetry
8:30: Training for New Judges
10:00: Flight A Round 1: Oratory, Prose, Duo
11:30: Flight B Round 2: Debate (impromptu) & Poetry
13:15: Flight A Round 2: Oratory, Prose, Duo
14:15: Lunch
Agrarian University Presentation (Auditorium 3, Vineyards Building)
15:00: Flight B Debate Round 3 (prepared) & Quarterfinals: Poetry
16:30: Flight A Quarterfinals: Oratory, Prose and Duo
18:00: Flight B Debate Round 4 (impromptu) & Semifinals: Poetry
19:30: Flight A Semifinals: Oratory, Prose and Duo

Sunday, April 29

8:00: Finals: Prose & Oratory
9:30: Finals: Debate (prepared) & Poetry
11:00: Finals: Duo
12:30: Closing Ceremony


We welcome all high school graduates with C1 or higher English to judge at our tournaments. If you are new to BEST and our tournaments, visit our Judging Basics page!

We will reimburse all judges for their transport if they use trains or buses, but we strongly encourage taking the most affordable option when possible (usually trains). Please purchase round-trip tickets and you will be reimbursed upon showing the ticket at the reimbursement station. We will provide food at the tournament site, and we will also cover two nights of hotel accommodations for the national tournament. 

To register as a judge, please fill out this form. Coaches, you must register if you are judging, too, and don’t forget to include your judges when you fill out your team roster spreadsheet (see below).

Team Roster and Hotels Spreadsheet

Registration for the tournament is now closed. Please contact Team BEST at for any edits to team rosters.

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Applications for the tournament are now closed.


The first tournament hotel is Hotel SPS.
The address of Hotel Balkan is bul. “Osvobozhdenie” 3, 4023 Trakiya, Plovdiv.

The second tournament hotel is Star Hotel.
The address of Star Hotel is 13, st. Patriarh Evtimiy, st. “Patriarh Evtimiy”, 4000 Plovdiv

The third tournament hotel is Hotel Chiirite.
The address of Hotel Chiirite is 86, 4109 Southern Industrial Zone

The fourth tournament hotel is Hotel Boulevard 7.
The address of Hotel Boulevard 7 is Bul. Bulgaria 7, 4003 Plovdiv.

The fifth tournament hotel is Hotel Maritza.
The address of Hotel Maritza is 4003, 4003, bul. “Tsar Boris III Obedinitel” 42, 4003 Karshiaka, Plovdiv

The sixth tournament hotel is Plaza Hotel Plovdiv.
The address of Plaza Hotel Plovdiv is bul. “Bulgaria” 125A, 4003 Plovdiv

The seventh tournament Hotel is Hotel Rodopi.
The address of Hotel Rodopi is Kuklensko shose 12, 4004 Southern Industrial Zone, Plovdiv

The eighth tournament hotel is Seven Hills Hotel.
The address of Seven Hills Hotel is pl. “Zhiten Pazar” 6, 4000 Staria grad, Plovdiv

The ninth tournament hotel is Hotel Ego.
The address of Hotel Ego is ul. “Eliezer Kalev” 2, 4000 Tsentar, Plovdiv

The tenth tournament hotel is Hotel Gabi.
The address of Hotel Gabi is ul. “Perushtitsa” 17А, 4002 Western Industrial Zone, Plovdiv


Here are directions on how to get from the Bus and Train Stations to the tournament site – The Agricultural University in Plovdiv

Here are directions on how to get from the Tournament Hotels to The Agricultural University in Plovdiv:


Information on food options at and near the tournament site is coming soon!

Debate Motions


  • TH believes that major political decisions should be made by a public referendum rather than parliament.
  • TH regrets the rise of music that celebrates gaining material wealth.
  • This House would punish sports teams for the misbehavior of their fans (violence,offensive chants, offensive images).

Impromptu hints: (Novice) 


  • THB the West should prioritize stability over exporting democracy in foreign policy.
  • THB in right to bear arms.
  • THBT young, educated people in Western countries should focus their charitable efforts (e.g., volunteering, donations, etc.) towards benefiting the disadvantaged in their own country, as opposed to in the developing world.
Impromptu hints: (Varsity)