East Tournament in Sliven, December 9-10

Welcome to the current tournament portal for the East region! The upcoming East tournament will be hosted by Zahariy Stoyanov FLHS in Sliven on December 9-10. Registration for the tournament has ended.

Letter of Invitation

You can download the official letter of invitation in Bulgarian here. If you want a customized letter mailed to your school, e-mail us at info@bestfoundation.bg.


Here you can read our pre-tournament press release in English and Bulgarian.

Here you can read our post-tournament press release in English and Bulgarian.


Saturday, December 9th
(Rounds will be held in both at Zahariy Stoyanov FLHS and Dobri P. Chintulov High School of Mathematics)

9:30 – 11:00 – Team Check In
10:00-12:00 – Judge Training Session 1
11:00 – Opening Ceremony (Zala Sliven)
12:00 – Round 1 Flight B: Oratory, Prose & Duo
Judge Training Session 2
13:30 – Round 1 Flight A: Debate (prepared) and Poetry
14:30 – Lunch
15:00 – Round 2 Flight B: Oratory, Prose, and Duo
16:30 – Round 2 Flight A: Debate (impromptu) and Poetry
18:15 – Quarterfinals: Varsity Oratory, Varsity & Novice Prose
Semifinals: Novice Oratory
Round 3: Varsity Duo & Novice Duo
19:30 – Round 3: Debate (prepared)
Quarterfinals: Varsity Poetry
Semifinals: Novice Poetry
20:30 – Semifinals: Varsity Oratory, Varsity Prose, Novice Prose

Sunday, December 10th
(Rounds will be held in both Zahariy Stoyanov FLHS and Dobri P. Chintulov High School of Mathematics)

8:30: Debate: Round 4 (impromptu)
Semifinal: Varsity Poetry
10:30: Finals Flight B: Oratory, Prose, and Duo
11:30: Finals Flight A: Debate (prepared) and Poetry
13:30: Closing Ceremony

*Please use the Zahariy Stoyanov FLHS entrance throughout all of the tournament!


We welcome all high school graduates with C1 or higher English to judge at our tournaments. If you are new to BEST and our tournaments, visit our Judging Basics page!

We will reimburse all judges for their transport if they use trains or buses, but we strongly encourage taking the most affordable option when possible (usually trains). Please purchase round-trip tickets and you will be reimbursed upon showing the ticket at the reimbursement station. We will provide food at the tournament site, and we will also cover one night of hotel accommodations for regional tournaments. In exceptional circumstances when a judge can’t make it to the tournament site before 11am on Saturday, we will cover two nights of hotel accommodation.

A note for coaches: you do not need to register your judges on Speechwire. You simply need to ensure they fill out the judges registration form, as well as write in their name on the team roster and hotels spreadsheet.

Judge registration for the tournament is now closed.

Team Roster and Hotels Spreadsheet

Registration for the tournament is now closed. Please contact Team BEST at info@bestfoundation.bg for any edits to team rosters.

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Applications for the tournament are now closed.

Registration Fees

Registration fees are 10 leva per student for Bulgarian teams and 10 Euros per event for students from international teams. There are penalty fees for adds, drops, or changes in student participation after the registration deadline and you can see details in the Costs and Fees page.

All registration fees need to be paid via bank transfer to the bank account listed below. If you use UniCredit to complete the transfer they will charge you a nominal fee; other banks may charge 3 BGN wire fee. After you complete the transfer, you must send us an email with a picture of your invoice and the following information in the subject line: school name, number of students, and amount of leva. All payments should be made in one amount, as a team. Individual payments for individual students will not be recognized.

Faktura (Invoice) Information:
Organization name: BEST Bulgarian English Speech and Debate Tournament Foundation
Registration address: Bulgaria, 1504 Sofia, 1 Panayot Volov St. Floor 2
BULSTAT: 176712880
IBAN: BG33UNCR70001521640901
MOL: Dena Deyanova Popova


The first tournament hotel is Hotel Dream.
The address of Hotel Dream is Bul. Panayot Hitov 111, 8800 Sliven.
The price of Hotel Dream is 21 leva per person per night.

The second tournament hotel is Hotel Brilliantine.
The address of Hotel Brilliantine is Bul. “Stefan Stambolov”, 8808 g.k. Sinite kamani, Sliven.
The price of Hotel Brilliantine is 22 leva per person per night.

The third tournament hotel is Hotel Kredo.
The address of Hotel Kredo is 1 “Predel” st, 8800 Sliven Center, Sliven.
The price of Hotel Kredo is 20 leva per person per night.

The fourth tournament hotel is Hotel Sports Palace.
The address of Hotel Sports Palace is bul. Georgi Danchev 2, 8800 Sliven.
The price of Hotel Sports Palace is 23 leva per person per night.


If you are in need of taxi transportation, here are three numbers:
Ec-Ci Taxi: 0888 888145
Evro taxi: 080015156
Group taxi: 080012 212

Here are directions on how to get from the Bus and Train Stations to the tournament site – Zahariy Stoyanov FLHS :

Here are directions on how to get from the tournament hotels to Zahariy Stoyanov FLHS:

Here are directions on how to get from the tournament sites to “Sliven Hall” for the opening ceremony:


School Canteen (right outside school)

Billa (open until 10:00pm)

Nomad coffee and more (open until 10:00pm)

For the restaurants below we recommend that you call and make dinner reservations as soon as you know the size of your team.
* places marked with an asterisk do deliveries

Monti* (delivers until 01:00am) – 044 683 026

Mastilo* (delivers until 10:00pm) – 044 666 556

Mi Casa (open until 11:00pm)

Restaurant “Zlatna Belka” (open until 02:00am) – 044 663 086

Mehana Starata Kushta (open until 12:00am)

Debate Motions

Prepared motions

  • This house supports two-party political systems over multi-party political systems.
  • THW require all news media organisations to select and publicly state a political affiliation.
  • THBT famous public figures should face harsher punishments for their crimes.

Impromptu topics

The themes for the Fall Impromptu rounds are below. The motions for these rounds will be related to these general themes, and they will be announced right before the thirty-minute preparation period begins.

  • Education
  • Medicine
  • Activism