US-Qualifier Tournament in Blagoevgrad, April 1-2, 2017

Welcome to the current tournament portal for the US-Qualifier! The upcoming tournament will be at American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) in Blagoevgrad on April 1-2. There are specific rules and policies for the US-Qualifier. Please acquaint yourselves with all relevant information about this tournament, hosted on this page. Registration for the tournament has ended.

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Applications for the tournament are now closed.

Letter of Invitation

You can download the official letter of invitation in Bulgarian here. If you want a customized letter mailed to your school, e-mail us at


Here you can read our pre-tournament press release in English and Bulgarian.

Here you can read our post-tournament press release in English and Bulgarian.

Tournament Schedule

Saturday, April 1

12:00-14:00: Tournament Check-In for Judges and Teams
13:15: Saturday Judge Orientation & General Meeting (Balkanski 103)
14:00: Opening Ceremony
14:30: Duo and Oratory, Preliminary Round 1 (Balkanski Academic Center)
16:30: Duo and Oratory, Preliminary Round 2 (Balkanski Academic Center)
18:30: Duo and Oratory, Preliminary Round 3 (Balkanski Academic Center)
20:30: Oratory, Preliminary Round 4 (Balkanski Academic Center)

Results from Preliminary Rounds posted on Facebook by 22:30.

Sunday, April 2

08:00: Breakfast for Judges & Sunday Judge Orientation (Balkanski 103)
08:30: Duo and Oratory Semifinals (Balkanski Academic Center)
10:30: Duo and Oratory Finals (Balkanski Academic Center)
12:30: Closing Ceremony (Balkanski Auditorium)
13:15: Mandatory Meeting for Duo and Oratory winners
13:30: Schools depart


We welcome all high school graduates with C1 or higher English to judge at our tournaments. If you are new to BEST and our tournaments, visit our Judging Basics page! We are seeking experienced out-of-town or local judges who can commit to judging on either Saturday or Sunday, as well as local and AUBG judges regardless of experience (we will provide on-site training).

We will reimburse all judges for their transport if they use trains or buses, but we strongly encourage taking the most affordable option when possible (usually trains). Please purchase round-trip tickets and you will be reimbursed upon showing the ticket at the reimbursement station. We will provide food at the tournament site, and we will also cover one night of hotel accommodation (Saturday) if you are judging on either day but can’t make it to Blagoevgrad on Sunday morning, or can’t make it back to Sofia on Saturday night.

Judge registration for the tournament is now closed.

Team Roster Spreadsheet

Registration for the tournament is now closed. Please contact Team BEST at for any edits to team rosters.


Kaufland (open until 09:00pm)

Billa (open until 10:00pm)

CBA(open 24 hours)

For the restaurants below we recommend that you call and make dinner reservations as soon as you know the size of your team.
* places marked with an asterisk do deliveries

Verde Pizza* (delivers until 10:30pm) – 073 884 999

Down Town* (delivers until 11:00pm) – 089 960 7160

Aladin Foods* (delivers until 09:50pm) – 0700 44 744

Raffy Bar & Gelato (open 24 hours) – 089 671 6132

Papparazi Bar & Grill (open 24 hours) – 088 454 4524

Rusalka restaurant (open until 01:00am) – 073 833 243


The first tournament hotel is Hotel Corona.
The address of Hotel Corona is 16 Nikola Y. Vaptsarov st., 2700 Blagoevgrad.
The price of Hotel Corona is 20 leva per person per night.
If you are staying Friday and Saturday, you have been allocated to this hotel.

The second tournament hotel is Hotel Rio.
The address of Hotel Rio is Sveti Dimitar Solunski boul., 2700 Blagoevgrad.
The price of Hotel Rio is 20 leva per person per night.
If you are staying Saturday, you have likely been allocated to this hotel.


Local Taxi numbers are coming soon!

Here are directions on how to get from the Bus and Train Stations to the tournament site – American University in Bulgaria:

Here are directions on how to get from the tournament hotels to American University in Bulgaria: