Northwest Tournament in Pernik, March 5-6, 2016

Welcome to the current tournament portal for the Northwest region! The upcoming Northwest tournament will be at Simeon Radev FLHS in Pernik on March 5-6. Registration for the tournament has ended. Coaches, you should have received an invitation to register for this tournament on Speechwire. If you don’t receive the invitation, or if you are a coach in a different region and would like to bring your team to this tournament, please email us at

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Applications for the Northwest Tournament are now closed.

Letter of Invitation

You can download the official letter of invitation in Bulgarian here. If you want a customized letter mailed to your school, e-mail us at


Here you can read our pre-tournament press release in English and Bulgarian.

Here you can read our post-tournament press release and award list in English and Bulgarian.

Tournament Schedule

Saturday, March 5

9:30 – 11:00: Judge Check In & Team Check In
11:00: Opening Ceremony
11:30: Round 1 Flight B: Oratory, Prose, and Duo & New Judge Training Session
1:30: Round 1 Flight A: Debate (prepared) and Poetry
2:30: Lunch
3:00: Round 2 Flight B: Oratory, Prose, and Duo
4:30: Round 2 Flight A: Debate (impromptu) and Poetry
6:30: Quarterfinals: Oratory & Semifinals: Duo and Prose (Varsity)
7:30: Debate: Round 3 (prepared) & Quarterfinals: Poetry
8:30: Semifinals: Oratory

Sunday, March 6

8:30: Debate: Round 4 (impromptu) and Semifinals: Poetry
10:30: Finals: Oratory, Prose, and Duo
11:30: Finals: Debate (prepared) and Poetry
1:30: Closing Ceremony


We welcome all high school graduates with C1 or higher English to judge at our tournaments! We will reimburse all judges for their transport if they use trains or buses, but we strongly encourage taking the most affordable option when possible (usually trains). Please purchase one-way tickets and leave them with us and we will reimburse you for the round-trip cost. We will provide food at the tournament site, and we will also cover one night of hotel accommodations for regional tournaments. In exceptional circumstances when a judge can’t make it to the tournament site before 11am on Saturday, we will cover two nights of hotel accommodations.

Judge registration for the Northwest tournament is now closed.

Team Roster Spreadsheet

Registration for the Northwest Tournament is now closed. Please contact Team BEST at for any edits to team rosters.


There are many food options near the school offering items like sandwiches, sweets, toasts, doner, and hotdogs. Diablo and Pizzeria Antoni offer takeaway and delivery and are open (somewhat) late. San Marco can seat large groups and is open until 11pm.


Here are the directions on how to get from the Bus and Train Station to the tournament hotel – Hotel Struma:

The price of Hotel Struma is 20 leva per person per night.
The address of Hotel Struma is 1 Krakra Pernishki square, 2300 Pernik.


Here are directions on how to get from the tournament hotel to the tournament site – Simeon Radev FLHS:

Try these taxi companies: Evro Taxi (076 661 010); Papi Taxi (076 602 211).

Debate Motions

Prepared motions

  • This house believes that young Bulgarians have the right to defend the Communist regime in Bulgaria.
  • This house would neglect international laws in favor of national benefits.
  • This house would sue Martin Shkreli for involuntary manslaughter.

Impromptu topics

The themes for the Spring Impromptu rounds are below. The motions for these rounds will be related to these general themes, and they will be announced right before the thirty-minute preparation period begins.

  • Art
  • Gender