Entering NSDA Points

To enter student points in the NSDA website:

  1. Log into the NSDA website using your coach’s login, available to you after you have registered with NSDA.
  2. Go to “My Dashboard” and click “Enter Points.” If your team has entered points in previous years, you will see a list of existing students in the system. You can edit points by student or by tournament from this page. You can also add new students or begin a list of students if you are new to NSDA. For detailed instructions on how to calculate and/or enter points, visit the “How to Calculate Points” and the “How to Enter Points” tabs on your dashboard.

Please note that if you have inherited a team from a previous coach, the previous coach must change your administrative privileges from their own account to allow you to enter points. Until they have done so, you will not see the “Enter Points” option on your dashboard.