US-Qualifier Registration

Registration for the US Qualifier opens on March 6 and closes on March 20. In order to register, you must complete all the steps outlined on this page in their entirety before March 20.

Please note that prior to registration, all interested students should provide their parent/guardian with a copy of the explanatory letter provided by BEST, and all coaches should carefully review the coaches’ letter and official tournament policies.

  1. Make sure your team has paid all student fees directly to NSDA.
  2. Fill in the following information on Speechwire. Please press SAVE after each edit, and make sure there are no accidental blanks:
    • student names
    • correct events
    • titles of all speech pieces, authors for relevant pieces with ISBN
  1. Show proof of registration fee payment to BEST through direct deposit to BEST. This can be done by a snapshot of bank deposit receipt.
  2. E-mail us a copy of your confirmation receipt from NSDA to show you have paid all student fees directly to them.
  3. Request to fill out student names in English and in Bulgarian on Team Roster Document.
  4. Send hotel information to BEST.
  5. Fill out the judge sign up form for your accompanying judges (1 for every 10 students).
  6. FOR ORATORY PARTICIPANTS: Please put student Oratory pieces through one of the following anti-plagiarism websites: PlagTracker (free), PaperRater (free), or any of the websites listed here. Send a screenshot or some other verifiable proof from the website showing that the student piece is plagiarism-free to BEST. Due to the strictness of NSDA rules and American rules about what constitutes “plagiarism,” we ask coaches to ensure that their students have cited sources of information correctly and expressed ideas in their own words. If the winners of the US-Quals Tournament are found by BEST to have copied or plagiarized parts of their speech or Duo performance (i.e. copied a Youtube performance verbatim, not edited a script in a unique way), they will be disqualified immediately, and the runner-up will be selected to compete in the US.