US-Qualifier Specific Policies

Welcome to the policies page for the 2017 BEST U.S. Qualifier Tournament at AUBG! Please familiarize yourself with the policies on this page, as they are unique to this tournament.
Only students enrolled at a high school in Bulgaria may compete.

  1. Each team is allowed to send up to four Original Oratory entries and four Duo entries.
  2. Unlike other BEST tournaments, in order to compete, teams must be registered as  members of NSDA. This process must have been completed prior to December 31, 2016.
  3. Students must have competed at a BEST regional tournament during the same school year as the US-Qualifier prior to the US-Qualifier. Additionally, coaches must determine and record their students’ points on the NSDA website. Students accumulate points by attending tournaments – the higher they rank, the more points they accumulate. Points “roll over” from previous years. For coaches’ instructions on how to do this, please visit this page.
  4. For Duo Interpretation, students must possess a physical copy of the book/source in which their script is published. Students not possessing such a script cannot qualify.
  5. All competitors will perform in at least three preliminary rounds, with breaks to Semifinals (Top 12), and Finals (Top 6). Depending on the number of competitors, the number of preliminary rounds may be greater, and there may be breaks to Quarterfinals (Top 18) before semifinals.
  6. The first place finalist in Original Oratory and the first place team in Duo Interpretation will qualify to attend the NSDA Tournament in the United States. Contingent on the number of participants at the tournament, the second place winners of the U.S. Qualifier may also qualify to attend the NSDA National Tournament. BEST Foundation does not commit to providing any funding to cover attendance costs for any of the students.
  7. Students MAY double-enter in Original Oratory and in Duo. In the case of a student winning 1st place in both events, the student will qualify for Duo only as it is a partner event, and the 2nd place Oratory will qualify.
  8. As with any BEST tournament, there is a zero tolerance policy for plagiarism. If the winners of the US-Quals Tournament are found by BEST to have copied or plagiarized parts of their speech or Duo performance (i.e. copied a Youtube performance verbatim, not edited a script in a unique way), they will be disqualified immediately, and the runner-up will be selected to compete in the US.