Mission Statement: 

The BEST Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to providing Bulgarian students an inclusive and supportive space to practice critical thinking, public speaking, and creative expression.

Our Vision

We believe that words are powerful, and can engage diverse viewpoints to contribute to the well-being of societies.

Our Programs

BEST accomplishes its mission through the following activities:

– providing speech and debate tournaments to Bulgarian students
– supporting teachers and coaches with curriculum and trainings
– creating student-centered leadership opportunities
– developing students’ connections between local and global issues and ideas
– fostering a network of citizens who envision and are working toward a bright future for Bulgaria

Though no two experiences through BEST are alike, the following characterizes significant patterns of change experienced through participation in BEST’s programming:

1) Exposure: Through BEST, participants are exposed to new ideas, views, and perspectives.

2) Conviction: Participants then begin to care about certain idea(s) that they have been exposed to.

3) Education: Once they find an idea they care more about, they begin to learn more about this idea, and become more critically aware of what is going on.

4) Action: Based on what participants have learned and care about, they take action. Action can take many different forms.