Fundraising is defined as “raising money for a cause.” Speech and Debate Teams will need to learn the art of fundraising, because:

  • BEST cannot cover all expenses for everyone

  • Fundraising and being able to get others excited about your idea or cause is an important life skill

  • It is a way of instilling leadership and the spirit of social giving in students.

fundraising presentations

Take a look at the fundraising presentations from our 2014 and 2015 Coach Trainings!
These presentations have information about expected tournament costs, the benefits and challenges of fundraising, and practical tips to make your fundraisers more successful. Please note that since those are past presentations, some of the information they provide might be outdated, but the general principles remain.

student events

Here you can find some successful projects by our former Student Leaders (also known as Student Ambassadors). Some of those served as fundraisers for the school's BEST team, and others are a prime example of how you can get local companies and institutions on board with your cause, even as a student.

fundraising tips