NOTE: Your school may already be listed on Speechwire as having a team. If this is the case, please email with your name, your school name, and your email address to have your school’s account turned over to you.

Watch this video tutorial for help with Tournament registration. It walks you through the tournament portal and all the steps needed to register your team for the current tournament.
Watch this video tutorial for help with Speechwire registration.

Team registration is not complete until teams have done the following:

  1. Filled in the following information on Speechwire. Please press SAVE after each edit, and make sure there are no accidental blanks:

    • Student names (in English, only first and last names needed),

    • Correct events

    • Correct division (Novice or Varsity)

    • Titles, authors, and ISBN/ISSN/ASINs for Prose, Poetry, and Duo pieces, and titles for Oratories in “Piece Registration.” Pieces for Duo, Prose, and Poetry must come from a work with an ISBN, ASIN, ISSN or from one of these approved websites. NB: ISBN, ASIN, or ISSN information, or appropriate links for Poetry and Prose pieces must be ready by tournament in case of challenges from other teams.

  2. Added names of school-affiliated judges to the Judge Sign-Up Form and to the team roster spreadsheet. These forms can be found on the appropriate regional tournament portal for your tournament (located at the top in the BEST Tournaments dropdown menu on the website). Teams must bring 1 judge for every 10 students.

  3. Give hotel information to BEST via the form that is listed on the “Hotels” section of your appropriate tournament portal. You must fill this out as this information is what we use to book hotel rooms for you and your team. In the form, you must give details regarding the number of male and female students you are bringing, as well as details about any accompanying adults affiliated with your team (male/female, judges, chaperones, coaches, bus drivers, etc.)

  4. Added all attending students and coaches to the team spreadsheet in the Team Roster Spreadsheet in English and Bulgarian (for purposes of certificates). This form can be found on the portal as well.

  5. All registration fees must be paid in full to BEST by the registration deadline. All hotel costs must be paid in full to the hotels or tour operator up to two days after the registration deadline. More info on both of those can be found in our Costs and Fees section.

  6. If seeking financial aid: Completed the scholarship form and additional requirements, as outlined in our scholarships section.