The best way to describe an Original Oratory is to say it is very similar to what you would expect to see in a TED talk. You can gain a solid understanding of the nature of an Oratory from the following two resources:

Further Resources

If you want to delve even deeper into the specifics of a BEST Original Oratory, we are also providing our detailed Oratory rulebook, as well as an example of the ballot that judges will be using to rank and assess your performance:


Furthermore, we can provide several videos of past BEST tournament performances by Original Oratory finalists. As you watch, notice how each speaker uses hand gestures, stories, and facts to make a compelling argument. These aren’t the only Original Oratory videos out there, so seek out more to better acquaint yourself with the format!

Alexandra takes on the hot topic of gender stereotyping and explains how it affects all people.

With a creative introduction and a unique topic, Marieta explores how pessimism plagues Bulgaria and how we can work towards solutions.

Watch as James delivers an engaging oratory about what it means to experience failure and how important it is as a society to let children learn to fail.