BEST US-Qualifier Tournament at AUBG, Blagoevgrad – March 21-22, 2015

Congratulations to the following students for their performance at the second annual BEST NSDA US-Qualifier Tournament. The winning students at this year’s tournament have received an opportunity to compete at the United States’ National Speech and Debate Association’s National Tournament in Dallas, TX, USA from June 14-19, 2015.

Maya Todorova of Lovech became the first student to win both the Original Oratory and Duo at a US-Qualifier Tournament. Maya and her partner Kamelia will compete in Duo in the USA, along with Nansi Dasheva and Karolina Kostadinova of Blagoevgrad. Preslav Vuchev of Lovech and Viktoria Nestorova of Dimitrovgrad will represent Bulgaria in Original Oratory in the USA.

Original Oratory


  • 1st place: Maya Todorova, GPCHE “Ekzarh Yossif I” – LOVECH

  • 2nd place: Preslav Vuchev, GPCHE “Ekzarh Yossif I” – LOVECH

  • 3rd place: Viktoria Nestorova, EG “Dr. Ivan Bogorov” – DIMITROVGRAD

  • 4th place: Svetlana Stoitseva, EG “Bertolt Brecht” – PAZARDZHIK

  • 5th place: Albina Tomova, EG “Akad. Lyudmil Stoyanov” – BLAGOEVGRAD

  • 6th place: Georgi Yanev, EG “Bertolt Brecht” – PAZARDZHIK



  • 1st place: Maya Todorova and Kamelia Gadzowa, GPCHE “Ekzarh Yossif I” – LOVECH

  • 2nd place: Karolina Kostadinova and Nansi Dasheva, EG “Akad. Lyudmil Stoyanov” – BLAGOEVGRAD

  • 3rd place: Milka Stoycheva and Antonia Radicheva, EG “Akad. Lyudmil Stoyanov” – BLAGOEVGRAD

  • 4th place: Fanni Gkagoulias and Veronika Glojeva, Second English Language School “Thomas Jefferson” -SOFIA

  • 5th place: Yoan Dimov and Martin Tsvetanov, EG “Romain Rolland” – STARA ZAGORA

  • 6th place: Alexander Karasanski and Nevena Tsarevska, EG “Akad. Lyudmil Stoyanov” – BLAGOEVGRAD