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Spring West Tournament in Blagoevgrad

  • American University in Bulgaria - Main Building (map)

This is the Tournament Portal for our Spring West Tournament in Blagoevgrad. The upcoming tournament will be held at the American University in Bulgaria and the Southwestern University on February 16-17, 2019. Registration for the tournament has now opened and will close on February 4. Coaches, if you haven’t received an invitation for the tournament on Speechwire, e-mail us at


The official letter of invitation for the tournament is available here. If you want a customized letter mailed to your school, e-mail us at


Tournament press releases in English and Bulgarian are coming soon!


The tentative schedule for the tournament is coming soon. For now, keep in mind that the tournament will start on Saturday morning, and end on Sunday in the early afternoon.


We welcome all high school graduates with C1 or higher English to judge at our tournaments. If you are new to BEST and our tournaments, visit our Judging Basics page!

We will reimburse all judges for their transport if they use trains or buses, but we strongly encourage taking the most affordable option when possible (usually trains). Please purchase your ticket back from the tournament location as well, as we cannot reimburse you without being presented tickets. We will provide food at the tournament site, and we will also cover one night of hotel accommodations for regional tournaments. In exceptional circumstances when a judge can’t make it to the tournament site before 11am on Saturday, we will cover two nights of hotel accommodation.

Judge registration for the tournament has opened, and you can sign up here! Coaches, you must register if you are judging, too, and don’t forget to include your judges when you fill out your team roster spreadsheet (see below).


The team roster and hotels spreadsheet is available here.

In compliance with European GDPR laws, any student under the age of 18 who wishes to attend this BEST tournament needs to have this photo release form printed and signed by their parent/guardian and bring it to the tournament. If a student’s coach fails to send photographic proof of the filled in form to BEST by registration deadline, the student’s registration is void.

*Note: Any names and other personal data filled in the spreadsheet will be used solely for the purposes of organizing the tournament, securing accommodation, and tournament statistics.


The Scholarship application form is available here.


You can call the following taxi companies for transport between hotels and the tournament site.

  • Tip-Top Taxi - 073 833 333

  • OK Taxi - 073 882 121

  • Eco Taxi - 073 886 666

  • Mega Lux - 073 882 828

The tournament will take place at the American University in Bulgaria’s main building, which can be found on this Google map:


We will provide a list of restaurants and stores in town a week before the tournament.


The debate motions for the tournament are coming soon!